SureFire opened their newest SureFire Institute training facility, bringing the finest in firearms, tactical and self-defense training to Las Vegas. Formerly in California, this move provides the ability for unparalleled venues to meet the needs of any operator, officer or enthusiast. Coupled with the VORE (Valley Off-Road Racing Experience) facility, it allows for some of the most comprehensive training ever—all in one easy-to-reach location.


Bill Murphy and Douglas Martin have been providing the best in tactical training for years. With decades of real-life experience—both in the field and as trainers—their training has always been cutting edge. Among the best in the world, the SureFire Institute staff has been training elite forces for years. Working with the support of SureFire they bring state-of-the-art equipment to everyone they train.


The new facility is nestled in the hills of Boulder City, Nevada—just outside Las Vegas. With hundreds of acres at their disposal the possibilities are endless. It houses a classroom, indoor pistol range, outdoor ranges and indoor Simuntions facilities. Later additions will include a comprehensive urban setting for live-fire and Simuntions training, plus an indoor 100-yard range. The property borders the VORE, where you can get behind the wheel of a $100,000 off-road racing machine. Future enhancements will include tracks and ranges for off-road driving for tactical operations. It is a unique partnership that provides the enthusiast with two incredibly valuable and fun training experiences.


Up and running after a mere 60 days of construction, the future of the SureFire Institute appears limitless. They already offer training unparalleled in the industry, and this facility will only make it better. If you’re looking for the best in training, the new SureFire Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada has exactly what you need. Watch for upcoming articles featuring their training and products, meanwhile take a tour of their site and make plans for some of the best training of your life. (


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