The Big Bang shoot hosted by Advanced Armament as well as McMillan rifles truly was a big bang. An invitation only shoot at the Clark County, range in Nevada it catered to the LE and military market. Along with just about every suppressor you could shoot from AAC, McMillan brought out their CS5 covert sniper rifle.




A truly compact and covert rifle perfectly suited to concealment of the deepest kind. Leupold brought out their latest tactical optics that look to be excellent taking some of the best features of the Mark 8 and putting them in a more affordable platform.


The Mark 6 1-6 power scope is clear, rugged and feature packed. Barrett brought out its big 50 BMG as well as its improved 240 LW belt fed machinegun.



DPMS is introduced a 22LR upper conversion that works on any AR 15 lower, weighs about the same as a standard upper, and worked flawlessly. With tons of guns to shoot and a smaller crowd trigger time was about limitless. It really gave operators a chance to wring out exactly what they were looking for. There was even a night shooting portion, and given most officers work in the dark it would prove very useful.




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The Big Bang shoot hosted by Advanced Armament as well as McMillan rifles truly…