GLOCK makes accurate pistols, but not carbines. Until that happens, Rick Porter has developed a handy device made to take your 9mm or .40 GLOCK (with a bottom rail and extended magazine), and turn it into a carbine perfect for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) or an active shooter response weapon.

dsc02905Even the best stance will only provide so much stability for a pistol. Exceptional pistols, such as the Broomhandle and Hi-Power, have had detachable stocks added to them in order to maximize use and accuracy. Now Rick Porter, a nationally respected SWAT operator, trainer and the VP for the U.S. National SWAT and Sniper Championships has developed the Rapid Response Pistol Stabilizer for GLOCKs and similar pistols. Simply put, it is a folding stock frame that attaches to the lower accessory rail on 9mm and .40 GLOCKs.

Using the weapons’ existing sights, the steel and aluminum stock allows the firer an extremely stable platform to place rounds where they are needed. The Rapid Response Pistol Stabilizer also has a built-in rail so lights, LASERs and even bipods can be attached as needed. The solid build and robustness of design would allow for a secondary use as a physical compliance tool if needed.

dsc02897Not every department can equip their officers or deputies with a patrol rifle, but that doesn’t mean that the officers would never face a need for one. The Rapid Response Pistol Stabilizer gives an inexpensive alternative to a patrol rifle. For patrol conditions such as horseback, bicycle or on foot, a Rapid Response Pistol Stabilizer can be carried and the officer’s sidearm slipped in when the situation dictates. The Rapid Response Pistol Stabilizer has been proven to provide consistent accuracy with semi auto of full auto fire and is easy to manipulate during room clearing.

Overall, the Rapid Response Pistol Stabilizer is a well designed and beautifully crafted answer to a need by first responder LEOs by an experienced SWAT operator, but any GLOCK shooter can benefit from its the usefulness. All NFA rules apply.

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