BULLS BAG Complete Shooting Systems has expanded its line of shooting rests, adding the X-7 Bulls Bag Advantage System.  The X-7 (7-in-1 “System”) comes in tree-camouflage with a black suede top.  The rest is ten inches long and is higher than many designs so it easily accommodates AR style rifles.  Its modular components permit a variety of setups (50 +) for different conditions and works well with both rifles and pistols.  The patented butterfly design provides a solid, stable shooting platform with a firm grip around firearms’ forearms.

You can purchase a Bulls Bag filled or unfilled, and the company has a wide variety of rests for bench or field use.  Smaller field rests can be carried easily and give hunters significant accuracy advantages for long-range shots.  Larger Bulls Bags for target bench and law enforcement enable SWAT sharpshooters to operate effectively in any situation.

All BULLS BAG products are NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) tested and recommended in their member tested program.

Uncle Bud’s X-7 Published Specifications:
•    Advanced stability technology (Tactical accuracy certified)
•    Engineered weight and balance formula
•    Low Center-of-gravity design
•    Wide footprint for maximum stability
•    Large surface contact area
•    One-bag “system” does not create multiple pressure-points on the rifle
•    Vise-grip “Butterfly action,”  Patented hinge-point “X” design
•    Five times more effective than any other shooting rest, including all mechanical rests
•    Absorbs harmonic vibration effectively and minimizes it at the muzzle
•    Will not affect point-of-impact on the target or in the field
•    Reduces felt-recoil
•    Member tested and recommended by NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association)

– Long range sniper
– Law enforcement and police agencies
– Tactical training and military>

•    Guaranteed accuracy and unmatched repeatability
•    Lifetime guarantee
•    900 polyester with 2-mil PVC coating (moisture resistant)
•    Internal fill spout with military grade Velcro no-leak filling spout/seems (No sewing necessary)
•    Unfilled weight 2 lbs 3 oz/ Filled with dry media 30 lbs
•    Parts include: 1 vise-grip bag, 2 rectangular bags, 2 owl/rabbit ear bags, 2 zippered sleeve hi-rest bags, 1 carrying strap
•    MSRP $125.00 unfilled/ $162.95 filled
•    Filled dimensions 10x10x12 inches

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