The new UTS-15 Military and Police model from UTAS, a Turkish company, is a 12 gauge bullpup pump-action shotgun also boasts dual magazine tubes that ride side-by-side above the barrel with each holding seven rounds of 2¾-inch shells of six rounds or 3-inch magnum shells. With a round in the chamber this provides the shooter with a total capacity of up to 15 rounds with no reloading and firing as fast as you can pump the action. The overall length is 29.5 inches while barrel length measured 20.5 inches.

The receiver is made completely from fiber reinforced injection molded polymer. The top of the receiver has nearly 19 inches of continuous Picatinny rail. A magazine tube selector switch can be set to auto alternate or to feed from a specific tube. The Military and Police model includes an integral tactical light and red laser inside the handguard. The 4140 steel barrel is chrome lined and threaded to accept any standard Beretta choke tube.

Operating the UTS-15 was actually very easy and straightforward. First open the dustcover for the magazine tube you want to load and push the exposed follower forward until it locks. Then load six rounds forward into the tube. To load the seventh round you simply drop it in the tube. When you close the dust cover the follower releases and applies proper tension to the rounds in the tube. With the action open you can also load a round in the chamber. I found the loading process to be easy and quick and keep the shotgun oriented in the right position for fast use.

In delivering the UTS-15, UTAS has done American shooters a great service. This is a super-fast shooting lightweight and reliable tactical shotgun with a plethora of special and well thought out features. The extras included make it readily adaptable for home defense, or sport use all in a very compact and easily transportable package. To learn more, check out the August 2013 issue of Special Weapons for Military & Police, available on newsstands and digitally on June 25, 2013. To subscribe, go to

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