Mag Pul Dynamics Dynamic Carbine Students fire from the supine position.

The MagPul Dynamics, Dynamic Carbine 2 course students brought a great deal of experience with them to southern Louisiana. Several were master class shooters traveling from as far as Michigan to attend.

author-engages-multiple-targets-after-transitioning-to-nighthawk-custom-predator-45-calAuthor engages multiple targets after transitioning to Nighthawk Custom Predator .45 cal.

The elevated course standards were apparent right from the start as the Balance of Speed and Accuracy (BSA) immediately started with higher round counts with the same accuracy and time requirements. This approach is intentional as the MagPul Dynamics instructors can then examine each student’s ability to control his weapon by noting failure points in controlled volume of fire or accuracy.

haley-and-costa-demonstrate-shooter-communication-with-secondary-weaponsHaley and Costa demonstrate shooter communication with secondary weapons.

Today we pushed through the drills and reviewed several weapons transition techniques and fired from weapon side and reaction side in the standing, kneeling and supine positions. Although the skies were clear today, a previous rainstorm softened the ground and mandated an increased level of concentration.

magpul-student-fires-from-the-supine-positionMagPul student fires from the supine position.

Tomorrow we move into team drills and more shooter communications….and of course whatever Chris and Travis think up…

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