Moving, shooting, problem solving, shooting, moving and more shooting. The MagPul Dynamics Dynamic Carbine course has been an eye-opener in the art of modern weapons manipulation and the balance of speed and accuracy. I have been pushed, as has every student in the class. Starting with the most fundamental weapons handling tasks such as loading, clearing malfunctions and optics adjustment, MagPul Dynamics moves quickly into moving and shooting. Chris Costa and Travis Haley bring their wit, professionalism and well honed expertise directly to each student.

mag-pul-dynamics-student-shoots-around-a-vertical-obstacle-copyMagPul Dynamics student shoots around a vertical obstacle.

Today was the third and final day of the Dynamic Carbine 1. Tomorrow, I progress to Dynamic Carbine 2. Under the seemingly omniscient eyes of Haley, Costa and new instructor Mike Olivella, we continued to build on and utilize the skills learned over the past two days. We moved and shot around vertical and horizontal obstacles, fired through key holes, and ran drills designed to practice the transition from primary (carbine) to secondary weapons (sidearms). Haley gave a Combat Mindset lecture that combined anecdotal experiences along with his own extensive psychological and scientific research on how the body and mind react to stress and their various “threat responses”. Haley’s focus was on providing information and individual approaches to the mental aspect of utilizing a firearm, be it for military, law enforcement or personal protection.

bravo-company-manufacturing-bcm-4s-by-mag-pul-dynamics-copyBravo Company Manufacturing BCM-4s by MagPul Dynamics.

magpul-instructor-chris-costa-instructs-a-student-in-horizontal-obstacle-shooting2MagPul instructor Chris Costa observes a Dynamic Carbine student shoot from a low crouch through a horizontal obstacle.

mag-pul-instructor-travis-haley-engages-a-target-through-a-keyhole-in-a-vertical-obstacle4MagPul Instructor Travis Haley engages a target through a keyhole in a vertical obstacle.

mag-pul-dynamics-tactical2MagPul Dynamics Carbine instructor Travis Haley demonstrates low kneeling shooting position at a vertical obstacle.

MagPul Dynamics student.

On a lighter note, the course has been hosted by William Phebus and Brannon LeBouef of NOLATAC (, a Louisiana firearms and personal defense training company training. Will and Brannon have handled all the logistics for students as well as contracting the Wong family of Hammond, Louisiana to cater the lunches at the training site and hosted dinners in evening at The Cate Street Seafood Station and Trey Yuen Cuisine of China restaurants. Tonight was a crawfish boil with andoullie sausage, corn-on-the-cob. In addition to a well planned course, we have been spoiled and honored by everyone’s hospitality.

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Moving, shooting, problem solving, shooting, moving and more shooting. The MagPul Dynamics Dynamic Carbine…