Looks like Hunter Biden is going to open a gun store!

Now that the news has acknowledged that the Hunter Biden laptop was actually a real story, it’s time we turned our attention to Hunter’s dream business. That’s right: a gun store.

A Hunter Biden Gun Store?

Makes perfect sense, right? Since it’s clear that the government was never going to charge Hunter for lying on his 4473, he decided to open his own FFL, called Hunter’s Lair. The shop has a “no questions asked” policy when it comes to running background checks on customers. Why bother reporting stuff like that, right?

The Location For the Hunter Biden Gun Store is Going to Be Miami

Hunter’s Lair will set up shop in Miami. Which is definitely because of the friendly business climate in Florida and not Miami’s reputation for easy access to cocaine. Still, it’s likely that Hunter Biden will be able to find a lot of “like minded” customers that share his passion for booger sugar and lying on federal background check forms. Plus, given Hunter’s love for shady business deals, he’ll fit in just right in Miami. It’s an open secret that the entire city’s built on laundered drug money. When Hunter heard “money laundering” and “lying on federal forms” well he knew it was the perfect location.

Products in the Hunter’s Lair

There’s no doubt that the store will be stocked will of Hunter Biden’s favorite products. From 38 caliber revolvers to crack pipes, you know it’s going to have everything Hunter loves! You might even be able to find Hunter’s discharge papers from the Navy for doing drugs hidden under a shelf. But no matter what, the Hunter’s Lair is going to give the president‘s son a chance to do what he loves the most: crime.

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