Top 10 BPU-870 Bullpup Conversion Features
Top 10 BPU-870 Bullpup Conversion Features

You’d be hard pressed to find a law enforcement officer how hasn’t carried or used the venerable Remington 870 shotgun, one of the most versatile weapon systems available. By simply swapping ammo types, one weapon can serve for entry, breaching, riot control and less-lethal duties. Taking the street-proven performance of the Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun and packing it into a compact bullpup form, the new BPU-870 conversion system from Bullpups Unlimited delivers where it counts. This chassis system not only looks cool, but it’ll add to the shotgun’s capabilities in close quarters without hindering its reliability or downrange firepower. Read on to learn more about some of its top features.

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1.     The BPU-870’s short overall length of 29 inches makes it easier to handle the shotgun and maneuver in tight quarters, or in and around a vehicle, for example.


2.     The conversion’s top strip of integrated Picatinny rail allows users to equip the shotgun with a variety of sights and/or optics to get on target quickly.


3.     The BPU-870 conversion kit features a protective polymer hood around the shotgun’s original ejection port.


4.     The stock assembly features a Remington Supercell buttpad that helps soak up some of the recoil from the compact 12-gauge scattergun.


5.     The trigger features a toggle-type safety that, when fully depressed, allows the BPU-870 to fire.


6.     The safety of the system is similar to that of the familiar AR-15 rifle, and should help ease training transitions.


7.     The lower comes equipped with an A2-style AR-15 pistol grip, but it can be replaced with any compatible grip system.


Top 10 BPU-870 Bullpup Conversion Features - Loading Port
Top 10 BPU-870 Bullpup Conversion Features – Loading Port

8.     The action release button of the BPU-870 is located just to the rear of the loading port.


9.     The forend features generous grooves for a solid grasp, as well as an oversized “lip” at the front to ensure that the support hand does not slip forward of the muzzle while operating the action.


Top 10 BPU-870 Bullpup Conversion Features - Muzzle
Top 10 BPU-870 Bullpup Conversion Features – Muzzle

10.  Short side rails to the rear of the muzzle allow users even more space for accessories.

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