The very name of the 1911 pistol is a testament to the design’s longevity, reliability and versatility.

These qualities have caused the pistol’s popularity to not only remain constant since its advent, but to spike sharply in recent years. It is the pinnacle of what a semi-autopistol strives to be and rides in many concealed carry holsters.

With so many small companies offering custom and small-run 1911s, along with many of the major handgun manufacturers bringing their own version to market, there are a lot of guns for the shooter to choose from.

As classic .45s, higher-capacity 9mms and match-grade target pistols, the 1911 has a potential home with every shooter. Its thin profile has always made it a popular and comfortable CCW gun. But the classic has corners and controls that can snag too easily, and print through clothing. These pistols, however, are 1911s modified for CCW without sacrificing features
or reliability for compactness.

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