DoubleTap .45 ACP
DoubleTap .45 ACP

Packing two powerful rounds of .45 ACP ammo, the DoubleTap backup gun provides law enforcement officers and civilians with an effective dose of defensive firepower. While some might scoff at its capacity, its next-gen design and cutting-edge manufacturing ensure the DoubleTap will accurately put those rounds to good use when you truly need them the most. Available with an aluminum or titanium frame, the DoubleTap only weighs 13 or 15 ounces unloaded, respectively. Read on to find out more.

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1.     Optional barrel porting helps tame the notable recoil of the miniature handgun.


2.     Two spare rounds can be carried in a hidden compartment in the grip of the gun.


3.     The spare rounds are stored on a handy speed-strip that facilitates fast loading of the two-barrel gun.


4.     The lack of an external hammer ensures that the gun is easy to draw and can be fired through a pocket if necessary.


5.     The tip-up barrel loading system ensures that the simple and robust gun is easy to reload if needed. There’s no complicated mechanism here to jam or otherwise keep the gun out of the fight.


6.     The flat profile of the DoubleTap makes it much easier to conceal. Note the integral grip texturing. DoubleTap Defense offers the pistol with either an extremely durable titanium or aluminum frame with a corrosion-resistant finish.


7.     The simple double-action trigger is easy to get into action quickly, with no manual safeties with which to fumble under stress.


8.     The frame of the DoubleTap can also accept a 9mm barrel system. DoubleTap Defense also claims other chamberings are in the works.


9.     The sights of the gun are very low profile to prevent snagging on clothing or gear during a draw.


DoubleTap .45 ACP - Barrels
DoubleTap .45 ACP – Barrels

10.  The cavernous maws of the dual .45 ACP barrels should encourage an attacker to think twice.

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