Cycling the Savage bolt is easy and fast—a requirement for top competitors. It’s also a great thing to have in a fully loaded prairie-rat town.

No domestic rifle manufacturer offers more specialized target, varmint and competition rifles than Savage, and no company produces more diverse, distinct features in each model. Indeed, there are several permutations that are unique in the industry.

While most other makers base all their rifles, regardless of their intended application, on the same bolt/receiver unit, Savage offers any number of options. Among the five models in the Model 12 Target series and the six models in the Varmint series, you’ll find traditional open-top receivers that can be loaded from above, regardless of magazine type—blind, hinged floorplate, or detachable—as well as receivers having minimal-size ejection ports for added rigidity. Some are repeaters; other receivers have solid bottoms, making them single-shots, which, in conjunction with a minimal-size ejection port, make for an even more rigid tube. Some models have right-side bolts with either right- or left-side ejection ports, and there’s even one that has a right-side bolt and an ejection port on both sides—the left for single loading, the right for ejection.

Savage Arms’ Model 12 F/TR is a sleek, accurate machine meant for competition yet perfect for hunting. It has all the right touches, like the Savage AccuTrigger, for pinpoint precision.

All models in both series also have longer bolt handles and larger grasping knobs than sporter models for easier, faster manipulation. And, of course, there are differences in barrel length, contour and whether they are fluted or not. Then there are the stocks, which are either wood laminates, injection-molded polymers or hand-laid graphite-reinforced fiberglass. Each is of distinct conformation depending on its purpose, and some have adjustable combs and pull lengths.

Savage’s Target AccuTrigger can easily be user-adjusted down to 6 ounces.

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Cycling the Savage bolt is easy and fast—a requirement for top competitors. It’s also…