For the 2015 issue of GUN BUYER’S ANNUAL, author Dennis Adler tested an exciting new 12-gauge tactical shotgun, the UTS-15. Manufactured by UTAS, the UTS-15 is significant not only for its 14+1 capacity, but also the integrated flashlight and laser aiming device that are built into the bullpup shotgun’s frame.

“Tactical situations demand certain equipment be incorporated into a defensive shotgun. An advanced sighting system, a tactical flashlight and a laser sighting device are three essentials. All of these features are part of the UTS-15 package, a bullpup design that offers diverse operating options, tactical capabilities and ease of use, all in a double (integral) magazine shotgun that weighs only 8.5 pounds,” noted Adler in his review. “The shotgun’s weight is an important factor as it is light enough to handle. The UTS-15 is also well-balanced, allowing it to be shouldered easily or fired from the low waist position using the integral tactical light and laser to pinpoint and clearly identify the target.”

At the range, the author found the UTS-15 quick to target and was impressed by the shotgun’s built-in tactical accessories during a variety of range drills to better appreciate the bullpup’s design.

“I put up a large, plain cardboard target and switched to the integral green laser sight from a distance of 50 feet. In moderate overcast daylight, I was able to get a fairly tight grouping with 00 buckshot, placing nearly 40 pellets from five rounds inside a 12.75-inch radius. The laser, which is adjusted at UTAS, is fairly on target at 50 feet, which is a pretty fair distance for a laser in daylight.”

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