12 New Tactical Shotguns For 2014 - Crye Precision Six12

Ranging the gamut from semi-auto, to pump, to revolver and revolving magazine actions, 2014 is shaping up to be the year of tactical shotguns!

Tactical-Life.com brings you 12 New Tactical Shotguns for 2014, including breaching models with muzzle devices that attach to accessory rails, like those from Crye Precision, giving new meaning to the term “doorknocker!”

Turkish brands like Akdal are also changing the way we defend ourselves with scatterguns, with an AR style, mag-fed semi-auto.

Check out the rest of these new Tactical Shotguns for 2014 below to see what’s new in this year’s shotgun market.

Akdal MKA 1919

12 New Tactical Shotguns For 2014 - Akdal MKA 1919
12 New Tactical Shotguns For 2014 – Akdal MKA 1919

Don’t be deceived by what appears to be an M16 rifle. The Turkish-made Akdal MKA 1919 is a 12-gauge, semi-automatic shotgun. The 37.9-inch, 6-pound shotgun does, however, offer similar controls and ergonomics to an AR-style rifle. The upper is made of aluminum and the stock, pistol grip and receiver are made from one piece of durable polymer. The Akdal MKA 1919 offers an 18.5-inch barrel. Magazine capacity is five rounds.

For more information, visit raacfirearms.com.

Armsan RS-X2 Ultra Short

The Armsan RS-X2 Ultra Short 12-gauge pump shotgun features a polymer-ribbed pistol grip and a ribbed forend pump. The 16-inch barrel is equipped with a heat shield and a ported choke tube. Armsan’s tactical shotgun weighs 5.5 pounds and offers a capacity of 5+1 rounds.

For more information, visit armsan.com.

Benelli Vinci Tactical Shotgun

The 12-gauge Benelli Vinci Tactical Shotgun comes in two configurations: a straight synthetic stock and a synthetic stock with pistol grip. Both semi-auto models feature ghost ring sights, a section of Picatinny rail and the Binelli Inertia System, which reduces muzzle climb to enable fast follow-up shots. Both models also feature 18.5-inch barrels, an average weight of 6.7 pounds and 3+1 capacity.

For more information, visit benelliusa.com.

Century Arms Catamount Fury II

The 12-gauge Catamount Fury II semi-automatic shotgun from Century International Arms accepts both 2¾ and 3-inch shells. The shotgun weighs 8.7 pounds and measures 40.75 inches overall. The Catamount Fury II comes with two five-round magazines that insert and drop free like AR-style magazines. Three choke tubes—full, modified, cylinder—are included, and the stock is skeletonized with a pistol grip. The Catamount fury II also features a 20-inch barrel and Weaver-style rails.

For more information, visit centuryarm.com.

Crye Precision Six12

The Six12 from Crye Precision is a standalone 12-gauge bullpup shotgun. A revolving six-shot cylinder feeds this little beast. Designed for breeching, the Six12 has a vertical foregrip and heat shield, and a red-dot sight can be mounted on the shotgun’s 8 inches of Picatinny rail. The Six12 features a polymer body and a double-action trigger.

For more information, visit cryeprecision.com.

CZ 712 Practical

12 New Tactical Shotguns For 2014 - CZ 712 Practical
12 New Tactical Shotguns For 2014 – CZ 712 Practical

The semi-automatic 712 Practical shotgun from CZ USA is tricked out for 3-Gun competition. It features a six-position polymer stock, a magazine extension—to hold 9+1 rounds of ammo—and a 22-inch barrel. It weighs 8.1 pounds and comes with five choke tubes. Additional features include a crossbolt safety and a brass bead front sight.

For more information, visit cz-usa.com.

Kel-Tec KSG SBS 

The Kel-Tec KSG SBS 12-gauge pump shotgun is available with either a 14- or 11-inch barrel for law enforcement use only. The innovative design uses a pump action that feeds from two magazine tubes for a total 10+1 capacity. Different forend pump grips are available, and a section of Picatinny rail is included for the attachment of optics. The receiver is made from hardened steel while the grip and stock are glass-reinforced nylon.

Read the complete Tactical-Life.com review of the KSG SBS HERE!

For more information, visit keltecweapons.com.

Mossberg Flex Model 500 

12 New Tactical Shotguns For 2014 - Mossberg Flex 500 Tactical
12 New Tactical Shotguns For 2014 – Mossberg Flex 500 Tactical

The 12-gauge Mossberg Flex Model 500 offers an adjustable six-position tactical stock, a tri-rail forend and a 20-inch barrel with bead front sight and cylinder bore. This pump-action shotgun also features an AR-style A2 pistol grip. It is chambered for 3-inch shells and 5+1 capacity.

For more information, visit mossberg.com.


The UZK-BR99 12-gauge, semi-auto shotgun from NATMIL is styled like an AR rifle, complete with iron sights and a synthetic stock. It features a 5+1 capacity, and the 20-inch barrel has a 3-inch chamber and accepts choke tubes. The gas system adjusts to low-and high-pressure loads.

For more information, visit natmil.com.

Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical 

12 New Tactical Shotguns For 2014 - Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical
12 New Tactical Shotguns For 2014 – Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical

The Versa Max Competition Tactical by Remington is a 12-gauge, semi-automatic built for 3-gun competition. It has an extended 8-round magazine and weight 7.75 pounds. The Versa Max Competition Tactical uses either 2¾- or 3-inch loads and features a 22-inch barrel in its overall 43.9-inch overall length.

For more information, visit remington.com.

SRM Model 1216 Gen 2

The SRM Arms Model 1216 Gen 2 semi-automatic shotgun uses a billet receiver, fluted chamber, reinforced Zytel buttstock and an upgraded tactical spine. The barrel is hammer forged and sports a durable nitride finish. The rotating, detachable magazine can hold 16 rounds of 2¾- or 3-inch shells. With an overall length of 32.5 inches, the Model 1216 weighs 7.25 pounds.

For more information, visit srmarms.com.

Weatherby WBY-X SA-459 Black Reaper TR

The WBY-X SA-459 Black Reaper TR is Weatherby’s latest version of a 12-gauge, pistol grip, semi-auto shotgun. The ergonomics of the Black Reaper’s synthetic pistol grip stock and extended forend allow operators of all statures to get on target fast. The shotgun’s furniture is covered with Proveil’s “Reaper” black camo finish. Weighing only 6.5 pounds, the Black Reaper comes chambered for 3-inch shells and presents an overall length of 39 inches. The 18.5-inch barrel is chrome lined with a fixed cylinder bore choke.

For more information, visit weatherby.com.

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