12 Pistols in the Running For Army's XM17 Modular Handgun System


There is a lot of mystery surrounding the U.S. Military’s XM17 Modular Handgun System, which is eventually slated to replace the current Beretta M9 pistol as the U.S. Army and Air Force’s new sidearm.

A dozen manufacturers have either been rumored or confirmed to be in the running for the Modular Handgun System. After the submission process was completed in February 2016, three finalists were expected to be announced in August followed by a nine-month production verification test (PVT) program. So far nothing has come of the original submissions.

The new XM17 handgun has to adhere to a number of requirements, according to a 351-page solicitation released in 2015.

Upon receipt of hardware submission, inspections will be conducted to ensure that the Modular Handgun System candidate has an integrated rail, an external safety mechanism, adjustability for ergonomics (by means of grip inserts, grip panels, front or back straps, different triggers, or other means) and be other than single action only. Submissions without these features will not be considered for evaluation.

… The Offerors system will be evaluated for how the proposed Special Purpose cartridge compares to the terminal performance of the M882 cartridge when fired from the M9, when observed from 0-14 inches in 20 [percent] ballistic gelatin at velocities simulating impact at ranges of up to 25 meters. The greater the tissue damage potential created by a candidate systems ammunition as compared to the M882 round, the more favorable the rating will be received. Projectiles that are evaluated as having a high risk of not exceeding the tissue damage potential of the M882 projectile will be considered as having not met the requirement.

There 14 pistols from 12 manufacturers rumored for the Modular Handgun System. They are as follows:

  • Beretta APX: Confirmed by PopularMechanics.com
  • CZ P-09 MHS: Confirmed by PopularMechanics.com
  • FN Herstal (unknown pistol): Confirmed by TheFirearmBlog.com
  • Glock 17 Gen4 and 22 Gen4: Confirmed by PopularMechanics.com
  • Heckler & Koch VP9 and VP40: Rumor only, neither firearm has been confirmed
  • KRISS USA Sphinx SDP variant: Confirmed by BearingArms.com
  • Sig Sauer P320: Confirmed by PopularMechanics.com
  • Smith & Wesson M&P: Eliminated from contention; confirmed by TheFirearmBlog.com.
  • Springfield Armory XDM: Rumor only, firearm has not been confirmed
  • STI-Detonics Defense STX: Confirmed by BearingArms.com
  • Taurus PT24/7 OSS: Rumor only, firearm has not been confirmed
  • Walther PPQ M2: Rumor only, firearm has not been confirmed

To see more on some of the firearms mentioned above, scroll through the gallery at the top of the page.

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