The Crye Precision Six12 bullpup shotgun law enforcement and military weapons
The Crye Precision Six12 bullpup shotgun.

Firearms manufacturers want to make sure the law enforcement and military personnel who use their weapons get the very best so when a dangerous situation arises, they have the tools to get the job done.

Each year there is a large industry trade show that presents the latest cutting-edge weapons and gear for law enforcement and military personnel. SPECIAL WEAPONS FOR MILITARY & POLICE was on hand to gather some of the best 2014 weaponry for officers, operators and soldiers alike.


Adams Arms COR

Adams Arms has announced it’s COR (Competition Optic Ready) Ultra Lite Rifle. This 5.56mm, AR-style piston rifle features a 16.5-inch, ultra-light barrel; a low-mass, skeletonized bolt carrier group; a Hiperfire 24C competition trigger; and a VooDoo Innovations Jet compensator. The COR Ultra Lite Rifle can be purchased in a Kryptek camouflage pattern.

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Benelli Vinci Tactical

Benelli’s designers have taken the tried-and-true features of the rugged, bird- and target-busting Vinci and incorporated them into a new version called the Vinci Tactical. A pistol-grip stock, Picatinny rail and ghost ring sights contribute to the attributes tactical shooters seek: superior balance, light weight, reduced recoil and minimal muzzle climb. Featuring the In-Line Inertia Drive operating system, which, combined with the ComforTech Plus recoil-reducing system and ergonomic design, makes this an efficient, instinctive and ultra-reliable tactical firearm.

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CMMG Mk4 T-Series

The CMMG Mk4 T-Series of AR carbines is value priced but feature heavy. Chamberings in this versatile line include 9mm, 5.56mm NATO, 300 Blackout and .22 LR, and the rifles have 16-inch barrels in either 416 stainless or 4140 nitrided chrome-moly steel, free-floating KeyMod handguards, full-length flattop upper receivers, single-stage triggers and collapsible stocks.

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Crye Precision Six12 

Crye Precision, known for its camo patterns and tactical kits, has entered the firearms market. Crye has developed the Six12 bullpup shotgun. This double-action, striker-fired shotgun holds six 12-gauge shells in a removable, rotating cartridge. The Crye Precision Six12 will also be available as an add-on option for an AR-style rifle and can be used as a breaching option with either a 12.5-inch shotgun barrel or a 10.5-inch rifle barrel for clearance. Military and law enforcement can expect the Six12 to be available in the winter of 2014, with the civilian market to follow.

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DoubleStar 7.62mm AR

DoubleStar broke into the 7.62mm arena with its new Star-10B model. The rifle goes well beyond average AR offerings in today’s crowded AR market with key build components like its 7075 billet upper and lower, BCM Gunfighter charging handle, an 18-inch, fluted, stainless steel barrel, a Samson handguard, a two-stage trigger, and an ACE Hammer stock. The rifle comes with a 40-inch tactical rifle case made by TacProGear and four 20-round magazines.

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DPMS has a completely redesigned 7.62mm AR rifle. Three years in the making, the GII 7.62mm AR SASS from DPMS will be a game changer in this sector. The rifle is much closer in its weight and dimensions to a standard 5.56mm M4 than any other 7.62mm AR and is loaded with features and improvements, including a reinforced extractor, dual ejectors, a monolithic bolt carrier group, a redesigned bolt head and steel feed ramps. The GII will also accept most standard AR handguards.

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Gilboa Snake

The Israelis have been using ARs for the military for some time, but now they are manufacturing their own and importing them into the U.S. Gilboa rifles come in different calibers and barrel lengths with either direct impingement or gas piston operation. The company has unveiled several new rifles for 2014, including the Snake, which uses two barrels and two magazines for a true double-tap capability with no point-of-aim shift.

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HPF-15 Utility Battle Rifle

New from Houlding Precision Firearms is the upgraded HPF-15 Utility Battle Rifle (UBR), an AR-style rifle chambered in 5.56mm NATO. The receivers are CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminum billets with tight tolerances. Each rifle has been upgraded with an HPF Curse muzzle brake and a HPF-CMX key mod handguard, and the bolt carrier group is now finished with Houlding’s Super Slick coating. The UBR is a mid-length, direct-impingement system with a 16-inch barrel, a single-stage trigger and Magpul furniture.

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Kel-Tec RDB

5.56mm Kel-Tec RDB
The 5.56mm Kel-Tec RDB (Rifle, Downward-ejecting Bullpup).

Estimated to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2014, the 5.56mm Kel-Tec RDB (Rifle, Downward-ejecting Bullpup) is fully ambidextrous and, as the name implies, ejects spent casings downward. The RDB features a rotary bolt locking system, a short-stroke adjustable gas piston, and it utilizes AR-platform magazines. The RDB weighs 7 pounds unloaded and has an overall length of 27.4 inches. A full-length Picatinny top rail provides plenty of space for mounting optics, sights and accessories.

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Kimber Advanced Tactical SOC

Kimber has taken its tactical rifle line one step further with the addition of the Advanced Tactical SOC for today’s most demanding shooters. Chambered for 7.62mm or .300 Win Mag, the Kimber Advanced Tactical SOC comes with an aluminum, side-folding stock as well as a Picatinny rail and additional rails for accessories. The stock is fully adjustable, and the rifle can accept detachable magazines.

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Lancer L30 7.62mm

New from Lancer is the company’s L30 series of 7.62mm rifles. Several variations will soon be available, including the Modern Battle Rifle, a carbine-sized, full-power gun. The rifle comes standard with a 16-inch barrel, a carbon-fiber free-floating handguard, an Ergo grip, a collapsible stock and an ambidextrous rear single-point sling attachment. All Lancer L30 rifles also feature changeable magazine well extensions and billet upper and lower receivers. For more information, visit



Based on LWRCI’s Individual Carbine (IC) platform, this rifle combines an 8.5-inch barrel with an Ultra Compact stock (1 inch shorter than the Compact stock). The M6 IC PSD rifle is also outfitted with a patent-pending ARM-R rail system featuring a removable top portion and a return-to-zero system that requires no tools. The carbine-length rail over the low-profile gas block provides plenty of room for adding sights and accessories. The M6 IC PSD rifle combines submachine gun size with a battle rifle cartridge and LWRCI’s ultra-reliable gas-piston operating system, offering the professional shooter never-before-realized capabilities in one sweet little package.

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Midwest Industries Minute Man

The first in a series of tactical rifles from Midwest Industries, the Minute Man AR-15 rifle features billet upper and lower receivers, a hammer-forged barrel, Midwest’s SSK KeyMod handguard, a B5 stock, BCM’s Gunfighter grip and charging handle, and an ambidextrous safety selector. This rifle will be available sometime in February.

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Rock River Arms X-1 Series

Rock River Arms’ new X-1 series of ARs all feature 18-inch, fluted, stainless steel barrels, free-floating handguards, Hogue pistol grips, custom muzzle brakes, enlarged triggerguards, two-stage triggers, furniture in either black or tan and fixed or collapsible stocks. They are available in 5.56mm NATO, 7.62mm NATO, 6.8 SPC and .458 SOCOM. The 7.62mm NATO models also include an ambidextrous trigger-finger-activated bolt-hold-open.

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Sarsilmaz SAR 109

The SAR 109 is one of two AR rifles from Turkish gun-maker Sarsilmaz that are new to American shooters. The SAR 109 is a 9mm rifle originally designed as a blowback-operated submachine gun. With its modular body structure, the SAR 109 is easily accessorized and used. The Picatinny rail helps the user  mount any standard accessories without using any tools. Turkish-made guns have a reputation for value and quality, and Sarsilmaz has been in the gun business for over 100 years.

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Seekins Precision 7.62mm

Seekins Precision’s 7.62mm AR weighs in at 9.5 pounds unloaded and without optics. The company’s first 7.62mm rifle offers ambidextrous features, including the bolt release, magazine release, selector switch and charging handle. The SR25-pattern lower receiver will accept all SR25-style magazines as well as 7.62mm Magpul PMAGs. The upper receiver’s rail extends approximately 1.5 inches to allow for more optic mounting locations. The flat-bottomed 3-Gun Rail is 15 inches long and is designed to be placed on top of a barricade for a stable shooting platform.

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Sig Sauer P320

The polymer-framed, striker-fired Sig Sauer P320 duty pistol is customizable to any sized hand with a modular grip frame and a removable fire control assembly. It can quickly be converted from a full size to a carry pistol, while the slide and barrel conversions allow the P320 to change calibers—9mm, .40, .357 SIG, and .45 ACP—as well as a variety of barrel lengths.

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SIONICS Patrol Rifle Zero

SIONICS Patrol Rifle Zero
The SIONICS Patrol Rifle Zero.

SIONICS Weapon Systems is offering a new, entry-level AR with top-of-the-line features and performance. The Patrol Rifle ZERO represents the company’s base model rifle and comes standard with a mid-length gas system, premium CMV 4150 barrel with a 1-in-8-inch twist, M16 Bolt Carrier Group with NP3 finish, ALG Defense Mil-Spec trigger, Vltor IMod stock and Ergo pistol grip.

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SWORD Mk-18 Mod 0

SWORD International has introduced a new high-caliber, AR-style rifle for its inventory. Chambered in .338 Lapua, the Mk-18 Mod 0 Mjölnir is a semi-automatic, gas-piston-operated rifle with a 22-inch barrel, 7075-T6 receivers, a full-length, free-floating KeyMod rail, and a non-reciprocating side charging handle.

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UTS-15 Marine

The UTS-15 Marine shotgun from UTAS has a digitized camo pattern that incorporates a specially formulated marine blue base coat over which the black and gray, non-glare digital camouflage pattern is applied. The springs used in the UTS-15 Marine have a special corrosion-resistant coating, and all exposed metal parts sport satin-nickel plating to be impervious to saltwater. All other metal parts, such as the barrel, are black chromed or similarly treated to hold up to use at sea with a minimum of maintenance. The UTS-15 was designed to meet the demands of OBS24, one of the world’s leading security companies, which provides security onboard commercial vessels passing through the pirate-infested waters off Somalia.

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