The SHOT Show is arguably the largest event the firearms industry has to offer. A trade-only event, it’s where manufacturers display their new products to dealers, press, wholesalers, distributors, and now it has a strong LE and Military following. LE and Military personnel come to the show in stronger numbers, every year. This year, we managed to find a combination of groundbreaking innovation, variations on proven themes, and the reintroduction of a few ideas that should never have gone by the wayside. We could not list everything, but here are some of the highlights.

Kimber Solo
The new Solo 9mm provides LE officers with a nearly ideal back-up pistol. It weighs only 17 ounces, measures just 3.9 inches in height and 5.5 inches in length, and is available in two-tone or stainless finishes. It features ambidextrous thumb safeties and magazine release, properly dimensioned dovetailed white dot front and rear sights, a stainless steel 2.7-inch barrel and a smooth and consistent trigger pull operating its striker-fired action. Standard capacity is 6+1, with an optional 8-round magazines with extended grips available (

Magnum Research MR9/MR40
Completely familiar yet totally new, the Magnum Research MR9 Eagle is based on the famous Walther P99 design and offers all of the operating features that have made the P99 a world-class police sidearm. The MR9 has the same striker-fired DA/SA action, physical dimensions, grip contours, and ambidextrous magazine release. The slides are produced from 416 stainless steel in a matte finish. Offering the same 15+1 capacity in 9mm and 11+1 in .40 S&W, the new U.S. built models are offered in a two-tone finish (

NewTown Firearms NF-15
The NF-15 rifle is guaranteed to offer sub-MOA accuracy with a modular, free-floating aluminum handguard machined with a triangular truss pattern to maximize strength, stabilize harmonics, improve accuracy and reduce weight. The unique flash hider with radically spaced spiral slots is designed to compensate for muzzle climb and the hand-polished hammer and sear make for an incredibly smooth 3.5-pound trigger (

Leupold Mark 4 HAMR
The High Accuracy Multi-Range (HAMR) optic from Leupold is designed with tactical rifles in mind and offers users a tough and compact 4x24mm optic that is ideal for bright daylight, low-light and night use. An optional configuration features a top-mounted DeltaPoint relex sight (

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The SHOT Show is arguably the largest event the firearms industry has to offer.…