The Calico semi-auto is again available as a rifle or pistol with a top mounted helical magazine with a 50 or 100 round capacity in 9mm. The beauty of this design is that the gun remains well balanced and compact with a bottom ejection feature left-handed shooters will appreciate and ambidextrous controls. The rifles can be had with collapsible stocks a variety of Picatinny rails and in various finishes. According to company sources a high-capacity semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun and 5.56 rifle are also in the works. Contact or call 888-442-2542 for more information.


Gemtech Tundra-SV
Gemtech introduced a compact version of their popular Tundra suppressor called the Tundra-SV. The SV is only 6.5 inches in overall length yet still provides excellent signature reduction. The SV is user-serviceable with a titanium blast baffle and a high-grade aluminum baffle stack. The SV accepts Gemtech’s MultiMount family of rear adapters. Simply by changing the adaptor, the Tundra SV can utilize Gemtech’s 3-lug quick disconnect system, a threaded barrel, or the UZI SMG adapter. While designed for the 9mm cartridge, the Tundra is very effective when used in conjunction with the subsonic 300 Blackout cartridge. Check out Gemtech’s complete line of suppressors at

Micor Defense Inc Leader 50
Who needs a rimfire when you can get a tactical CQB room-clearing bullpup .50 caliber semi-auto rifle like the new Leader 50 from Micor Defense Inc. At 17 pounds the Leader 50 is comparably lightweight and thanks to its design it is well balanced and easy to handle, yet maintains a 24-inch chrome-vanadium mil-spec barrel and a 39-inch overall length. The massive muzzle brake soaks up the recoil to a .30-06 levels, reportedly. The 10-round magazine feeds the short-stroke gas piston system for reliable functioning in adverse conditions and the full-length top Picatinny rail makes for easy optics mounting. Contact or call 256-560-0770 for more info.

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