AR manufacturers have really capitalized on alternative chamberings in recent years, from .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO carbines for more power, to 9mm carbines for more affordable training and less overpenetration in close quarters.

Yankee Hill Machine (YHM) is now offering a carbine called the KR7, which is built from the ground up for the 9mm. It’s not simply a conversion kit slipped into a typical 5.56mm AR—with all of the reliability problems that abound.

The KR7 carbine starts with dedicated upper and lower receivers designed specifically for the 9mm. You note that the mag well is a solid unit for Colt-style 32-round stick magazines. Surrounding the 16-inch barrel is YHM’s KR7 Mid-Length KeyMod handguard, which bridges the gap between the upper receiver and handguard for a seamless look. It also is T-marked along the top rail for reinstalling removed accessories to their original positions.

Inside the upper and lower you’ll find a dedicated 9mm bolt and buffer as well as stainless steel hammer and trigger pins.

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