Ford worked hand-in-hand with a police advisory board to develop their Interceptor — a vehicle emphasizing safety, performance, functionality and durability.

Finally, law enforcement will have new tactical tools…police cars built for police work. No more retrofitted civilian cars or piecemeal police cars — in 2011 three new police machines will take to the streets, ready to handle a post-9/11 world.

Ford, General Motors (GM) and a new company, Carbon Motors will launch police cars built for and with the input of cops. These machines will be high- powered and high-tech; bringing police vehicles in line with 21st century law enforcement missions.

Ford Taurus Police Interceptor

Ford opens fire with its all-new, purpose-built Police Interceptor, “engineered to exceed the durability, safety and performance of the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor,” which will disappear in 2011. The new Ford Police Interceptor will offer two fuel-efficient powertrain options along with an array of safety technologies. The interior has been designed to meet unique law enforcement needs including form-fitting seats designed for a “duty dressed” law enforcement officer hitting the beat. Ford will also produce a Police Interceptor utility vehicle (SUV) that will be pursuit-rated to complement the sedan.

Ford specifically designed and engineered an all-new Police Interceptor to handle the rigors of police work. Ford worked hand-in-hand with its Police Advisory Board of law enforcement professionals, who provided input on safety, performance, durability, driver comfort and functionality. “Their feedback mattered to us,” said Scott Tobin, Ford vehicle line director for cars. “Safety and durability were at the top of their list. So safety and durability were at the top of ours.”

The Police Interceptor passed the 75-mph rear-end crash testing. Air bag features include the exclusive “Safety Canopy” system to protect passengers in both rollover and side-impact crashes. Multiple side-curtain air bags use “Roll Fold” technology to slip between the occupant and the side window.

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