For me, varmint hunting is the one sport that can be done at all times of the year. Best of all, however, is a balmy summer’s afternoon. Spotting a woodchuck on the north 40 on a warm sunny day, in the thick of the season’s green, is to my mind just about the closest thing to heaven on earth. Varmint hunting is a challenge—one seldom had hunting any other kind of game—but with the right rifle, cartridge and scope, and a touch of luck, one rarely ends the day empty-handed. Shooting distances vary, so one’s choice of weaponry can range from the .22 LR to, for taking longer-range shots, the upper echelon of .22-caliber rifles (including the .204 Ruger). It’s always enjoyable to purchase a new varmint hunting rig, so let’s review some rifles as they might pertain to your particular segment of the sport this season.

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