3-Gun Speed Demons: 21 Firearms Ready For Competition

Three-Gun competitions require pure speed.

Shooters need to be fast on target, fast shooting, fast reloading.

If there is one thing the pros agree on about what a gun must have is reliability. Karla Herdzik, a sponsored 3-gun competitor, said, “The most important feature for my competition firearms is reliability, hands down. If I can’t count on my gear to run all the time, it’s not worth taking out to a match.”

In 3-Gun matches, competitors are divided into four divisions based on the types of firearm and optics used: Limited, Tactical, Heavy Metal and Open.

Limited allows a non-magnified optic on a rifle as well as iron-sighted shotguns and pistols. Most players start in this division since the gear used is what you probably already own.

Tactical is similar to Limited but allows a magnified optic on the rifle.

Heavy Metal is for .30 caliber or larger rifles with iron sights, 12 gauge pump shotguns and .45 ACP pistols.

Open division is just that, anything goes.

Two other divisions that are sometimes recognized at matches include Outlaw Open, which allows for the use of a box magazine on shotguns, and Trooper Division, which requires competitors to haul all their gear in a backpack or by hand and in turn they are allowed to configure rifles during the match, among other benefits.

For the entire list of 21 firearms for 3-gun competition, please visit PersonalDefenseWorld.com.

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