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Gun Test: Daniel Defense’s DD5V1 Rifle in 7.62mm NATO

The new Daniel Defense DD5V1 answers a demand for a top-tier .308/7.62mm AR rifle from this respected manufacturer. With its mil-spec+ construction, impressive features and amazing performance, this rifle is a must-have addition to any tactical rifle enthusiast’s collection.

Stealthy Sharpshooter: DRD Tactical’s CDR-15 Rifle

The CDR-15 from DRD Tactical delivers the best of all worlds. It packs 5.56mm/300 BLK power into the familiar and popular AR platform, but one with a twist. This handy little carbine is a takedown model that can break down in seconds and fit into a compact case or carry bag. Read on to find out more.

Steyr Master: Steyr Arms’ Aug/A3 M1 Bullpup

Building on a tradition of paradigm-shifting performance and trendsetting features, the new Steyr AUG/A3 M1 from Steyr Arms delivers when it counts. Packing 5.56x45mm power into a handy and portable bullpup package, the new A3 M1 features enhanced optical features and outstanding capabilities.

Gun Test: Accurate Ordnance’s Custom-Grade 7.62mm MPR

For those who will only consider having the best of the best, the MPR from Accurate Ordnance is well worth a look. Featuring custom-level attention to detail, the 7.62mm rifle is ready for any tactical application or intense hunt you can throw at it. From tier one performance a Swiss watch-like precision, the Accurate Ordnance MPR is an impressive precision rifle ready for the range and beyond.

Tresna Defense Releases JAG9 9mm Tactical Rifle

Compatibility and adaptability are often-overlooked traits with many products, but absolute musts when it comes to firearms. Enter the Tresna Defense JAG9G BU, a handy little AR-pattern carbine that fires 9mm and feeds from Glock pistol magazines. The result is the perfect companion carbine for a duty 9mm Glock pistol.

Gun Test: JP Enterprises’ 7.62mm SASS LRP-07

The SASS from JP Enterprises offers shooters a precision rifle at a price much less than you might suspect. Taking the .308 AR platform to the next level, the SASS delivers sub-MOA precision in a semi-automatic platform. The result is a rifle that could excel at the competitive shooting range as well as on tactical deployments where the first shot must count, every time.

Gun Test: Colt’s M2012 LT308G Rifle in 7.62mm NATO

While Colt may be known primarily for the renowned AR-15 rifle, it has also developed a line of custom-grade bolt-action rifles designed to offer cutting-edge performance. The M2012LT308G in 7.62mm lives up to this promise. From its attractive stock to its smooth contours and attractive finish, this is a rifle that looks as good as it shoots!

Gun Test: Ares Arms’ AA-15 SBR 300 BLK

Need maximum punch in a minimally sized package? Then look no further than the AA-15 SBR in 300 BLK from Ares Arms. Compact, powerful and reliable, this AA-15 delivers supersonic and subsonic .30-caliber power when it matters most. Back this up with enhanced features and capabilities, and you have a winner!

Gun Test: Stag Arms’ Model 9T Rifle in 9mm

Stag Arms has made a name for itself providing shooters with high-quality AR-pattern carbines and rifles that give the user top-tier performance at a good price. The Model 9t continues that tradition, albeit in a somewhat new form. The Model 9T is a 9mm AR carbine that is ideal for entry work, tactical range practice time and all-around plinking fun for those who don’t need the ear-splitting sound of a 5.56mm!

Stow & Go Micro: LWRC’s IC-PDW SBR in 5.56mm

LWRC is a company known for making tactical tools for professionals. And when those professionals request a pint-sized carbine that can be easily concealed yet deliver a firestorm of 5.56mm firepower when needed, the company gave them the IC-PDW. Short on length but not on power, the IC-PDW is ready to go into harm’s way!

Gun Test: Machine Gun Armory’s 300 Blackout SAW K

Based on the proven M249 SAW platform, and chambered in the exciting 300 BLK cartridge, the SAW K from Machine Gun Armory is an amazing piece of machinery. Delivering .30-cal. power from a belt-fed platform, the SAW K is ready for practically any threat you might face.

Gun Test: Springfield’s Loaded M1A LE Rifle

When it comes to history and tradition, it is hard to beat the M1A family of rifles. Based on the venerated M14 U.S. Military rifle, the M1A is a semi-automatic-only, civilian-legal variant you can own today. And, the “Loaded” version takes it to the next level with just about every performance-enhancing feature you could possibly expect at this price point—or even for a lot more!

Gun Test: Ruger’s Precision Rifle Is on the Mark

Proving that thinking outside the box is the norm for Ruger, the new Precision Rifle shows that taking the best of a lot of guns and combining them results is something that is greater than the sum of its parts. This rifle features capability, adaptability and high-end performance at a very reasonable price. Read on to find out more!

Multi-Cal Machines: Sig Sauer’s MPX and MCX Series

Taking the concept of a 21st Century weapon to the next level is the Sig MCX, a multi-caliber weapon system designed to adapt quickly and easily to any mission it might face. With rock-solid reliability, top-end performance and the tradition of excellence anything Sig makes behind it, this one is going to prove to be a true winner!

CQB Special: The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 9mm

To say that CZ knows how to make amazing submachine gun-pattern weapons is an astounding understatement. Building on the revered tradition of the Skorpion is the new CZ Scorpion EVO 3 9mm. Featuring military-grade construction and simple and straightforward operation, the EVO 3 is a must have for those who like things that go boom!

Semi-Auto Hammer: Wilson Combat’s Recon SR Tactical

While Wilson Combat may have initially made its name with its high-quality handguns, it has also developed a reputation for making top-tier AR-pattern weapons as well. The Recon SR Tactical is no exception, providing the user with a high-grade AR that delivers on the mark, every time, no questions asked. This one is definitely a keeper!

Gun Test: SMG Guns’ FG42 Semi-Auto

For those who like something a little bit different, or simply those who want to own one of the most advanced weapon designs ever made, the SMG Guns FG42 is definitely worth a look. A modern recreation of the classic German paratrooper rifle, the FG42 is a semi-automatic, civilian-legal version of this rare and uncommon classic.

Gun Test: Colt’s M.A.R.C. 901 Series of AR Carbines

While the 5.56mm AR-15 might be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Colt, the company’s new M.A.R.C. 901 series might just steal some of that spotlight. Designed to quickly and easily adapt to fire either 5.56mm or .308, the new rifle offers the best of both worlds.

Gun Test: Wilson Combat’s BILLet-AR 7.62mm Rifle

When it comes to precision and attention to detail, few can compete with Bill Wilson’s company, Wilson Combat. For those who want the best of the best, this is the first and last place to look. The new BILLet AR is not exception, providing shooters with a custom-grade AR with all the bells and whistles you could want-and with the performance to back it up!

Gun Test: MAG Tactical Systems’ AIR 15 Recon 5.56mm

Want a featherweight AR that is easy to carry, but ready to perform in an instant? Then look no further than the AIR 15 from MAG Tactical. Through expert engineering, the company has removed excess material and weight from the weapon to offer an airweight 5.56mm ready to be by your side when you need it!

Gun Test: Daniel Defense’s MK18 5.56mm SBR

Everybody loves an SBR. How could you not? They are short, handy and powerful. And, if you want one that you know will deliver every time, anywhere, under any circumstance, then the Daniel Defense MK18 is the one for you. Combining tier one performance with the company’s renowned quality, this one is well worth a closer look.

Gun Test: Rhino Arms’ RA-5RV2 7.62mm

A refined brute, the Rhino Arms RA-5RV2 is a 7.62mm AR that combines custom-grade manufacturing with combat-ready performance. From its enhanced features and finish to its amazing downrange performance, the RA-5RV2 stands ready to deliver.

Gun Test: Battle Rifle Company’s BR4 Spectre 5.56mm

Combining compact size with brutish construction ready for any eventuality, the BR4 Spectre from Battle Rifle Company provides the user with a 5.56mm ready to face any threat. From its free-floated barrel to its heavy-duty construction, this is a carbine that will be there when you need it!

Gun Test: Lewis Machine & Tool’s CQBODGB Rifle

The Lewis, Machine & Tool CQBODGB provides the AR enthusiast with an attractive carbine that they know will deliver when it matters most. This slick, smooth-running 5.56mm machine provides all the quality and performance you expect from an LMT rifle, and in a very attractive package.

Sneak Peek: Christensen’s Next-Gen CA-10 Designated Marksman Rifle

Having made a name for itself employing advanced materials in firearms construction, Christensen Arms is a respected name in next-gen AR circles. The CA-10 DMR is no exception, providing ultra-light weight in a rifle that delivers precise 7.62mm power downrange.

Gun Test: Sig Sauer’s SIG716 DMR Rifle

The .308 AR SIG716DMR is designed from the ground up for precision and performance, from the tip of its muzzle to the base of its buttpad. Featuring every enhancement and refinement possible to wring out maximum performance, the SIG716DMR is a gun that will put rounds on target where you need them, every time.

Gun Review: DRD Tactical’s Paratus Gen 2

Want a powerful and capable .308 repeater that you can fit into a tiny case in a matter of seconds? Impossible? Not if you look at the Paratus Gen 2 from DRD Tactical. This semi-automatic .308 Win. rifle can be deployed quickly from a rugged and compact hard case, delivering amazing performance.

Gun Review: The Battle-Ready Ruger AR-556

While Ruger first entered the AR market with the piston-driven SR-556 series, it recently has developed a direct gas impingement AR that delivers impressive performance at a very affordable price. The AR-556 in 5.56mm is an amazing rifle for the money, and brings the respected Ruger brand to the platform. If you want a traditional AR with Ruger’s attention to value, then look no further.

Gun Test: DPMS’ GII SASS 7.62mm Semi-Auto AR

When the situation calls for precision firepower, then look no further than the DPMS GII SASS in 7.62x51mm. This AR-based rifle delivers fast follow-up shots against multiple targets, proving that it can dominate in the tactical realm as well as the competitive shooting ranges. For impressive power and pace, take a look at the GII SASS.

Gun Test: Heckler & Koch’s MR762A1 LRP

The MR762 LRP from Heckler & Koch is the ultimate precision rifle with a military pedigree. Based on the respected HK 417 platform, the .308 Win. rifle delivers precision firepower downrange and on target, quickly and capably. Add to that Heckler & Koch’s reputation of battle-hardened performance, and you have an undeniable winner.

Gun Test: Daniel Defense DDM4V11 LW 5.56mm

Need 5.56mm power in a lightweight package? Then look no further than the MfV11 LW from Daniel Defense. Featuring the company’s renowned “mil-spec+” construction, advanced rail systems and undeniable “wow” factor, the 5.56mm carbine is a must-have for anyone who appreciated high-quality AR carbines.

Gun Test: Armalite’s M-15 Piston-Driven 5.56mm AR

While the Armalite name may be synonymous with the direct-gas-impingement AR weapon system, the company has recently added a new arrow to its quiver-the M-15 piston. Adapting the Armalite M-15 platform to a piston-operated system, the new carbine delivers rock-solid performance in package with familiar handling characteristics and ergonomics.

Gun Test: FERFRANS SOAR PDW 5.56mm

The FERFRANS SOAR 5.56mm is a radically advanced compact weapon system with no only amazing handling characteristics, but also astounding full-auto performance. If you need an ultra-compact 5.56mm that is fully controllable under fully automatic fire, then look no further than the FerFrans SOAR. You will not be disappointed.

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