Mark Newson’s Custom Grade Beretta 486 Shotgun

Beretta has been in the arms-making business for more than 500 years, and the creation of elegant, hand-engraved shotguns is a significant part of the company’s legacy.

In recent times, let’s say the last 100 years, Beretta’s handcrafted shotguns have been a focal point, with exclusive over/under shotguns like the SO6 EELL commanding upwards of $50,000 and models like the SO10 EELL Special ranging from $125,000 to $320,000 with collectors.

So when international designer Marc Newson was brought in to design a special limited-edition Beretta 486 side-by-side, the renowned artist was literally given a free hand to redesign the gun and create its unique engraving. Limited to 25 guns for U.S., the 486 by Marc Newson will be a Beretta Gallery exclusive.

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Gun Review: EAA’s MKA 1919 Match ScattARgun

A truly viable AR-style shotgun did not arrive until the Akdal MKA 1919 hit the market in 2007. About as close to an AR as it gets, it has become incredibly popular among enthusiasts and competitors, with some law enforcement agencies getting their hands on it. Imported from Turkey, it is lightweight and affordable, and now it’s available in completely modified versions. Base guns cost $500, with systems like the Tooth & Nail conversion running closer to $2,000. The original magazine capacity was five rounds, with 10-round aftermarket versions available. It’s all neat stuff, but the MKA 1919 has been just a bit out of reach for most looking for a duty shotgun. But, the MKA 1919 Match, imported by European American Armory (EAA) Corporation, has done quite a bit to change that.

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Gun Test: Mossberg’s 590A1 12-Gauge Shotgun

While shotguns are not magic wands, nor the devastating weapons the World War I-era Germans felt they were, they are certainly very effective when used correctly. Despite the increased popularity of patrol carbines in law enforcement, shotguns—primarily pump actions—are still in use by patrol officers and others. The United States armed forces currently authorize three shotguns, including the 12-gauge Mossberg 590A1.

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Top 10 Features of the Weatherby PA-459 8-Shot Shotgun

Newly introduced by Weatherby, the PA-459 TR 8-Shot pump-action shotgun is built for law enforcement duty.

From the synthetic pistol-grip stock to the interchangeable choke system, the PA-459 TR has features galore — features that every law enforcement agency should consider closely.

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