April is the “Month of the Military Child” across the Department of Defense, and for a high-speed group of airmen stationed in Eastern Germany that meant it was time to go back to boot camp, this time at the local child development center.

Tactical air control party members whose normal mission is to direct combat aircraft onto enemy targets in a combat zone took time out of their rigorous training schedule to volunteer several hours April 5-8 to put on a “Boot Camp Week” for the children at the CDC on Rose Barracks.

These members of the 2nd Air Support Operations Squadron, stationed in the Vilseck Military Community are a geographically separated unit belonging to Ramstein’s 435th Air Ground Operations Wing. The TACPs’ latest mission was to facilitate and assist with the three to five year old’s training schedule which involved physical training, first aid, land navigation, tactical vehicle familiarization and even a graduation ceremony.

“The CDC director called the squadron and asked us if we’d be interested in getting involved with this year’s boot camp, so of course we jumped at the opportunity to support some of local kids,” said Staff Sgt. Andrea Byers, 2nd ASOS knowledge operator. “We started on Monday, getting the kids involved with some PT which included stretching, jumping jacks, push-ups, and even some running.”

The 2nd ASOS team mapped out a land navigation course using colorful maps and hidden camouflage eggs with helpful clues inside. They also helped to bring in various military vehicles for the kids to explore and get an idea of some of the equipment their military parents might work with on a daily basis.

Source: Air Force Senior Airman Tony R. Ritter for EUCOM.

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