One of the greatest challenges facing the suppressor designer today is developing a successful can for the .45 caliber pistols. That challenge is a triple whammy. It’s very hard to delay and cool combustion gases with such a big hole running down the central axis of the suppressor. It’s hard to achieve enough sound suppression in a large-bore suppressor without excessive length, diameter, and weight. And it’s hard to pack enough performance into a .45 caliber can without adversely affecting the reliability and service life of the pistol.

swaug-45-2.jpgWe compared three popular .45 sound suppressors to see how effective they are at providing solutions to these challenges: the USP from Knight’s Armament, the Evolution 45 from Advanced Armament, and the Impuls IIA from Capitol City Firearms. Let’s begin by comparing the designs of these three cans.

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