The Witness line of pistols is highly regarded by many in the shooting community. Based on the classic CZ 75 design, the Witness handguns offer outstanding reliability, accuracy and value to shooters. For customers in the United States, Tanfoglio guns are imported by European American Armory (EAA) Corporation. Based on the Space Coast of Florida, EAA imports a variety of firearms that, as the company states, are “meant to be used.” In fact, one of the company’s sayings is “No wallflowers at EAA.” With its quality craftsmanship, Tanfoglio is a perfect fit for EAA.

Tanfoglio designed the Xtreme series of pistols in cooperation with Eric Grauffel, a six-time International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) world champion. The result is a line of reliable competition pistols that run fast and put rounds on target. Grauffel has stated that he will only use the best products, and his competition pistols are exclusively Tanfoglio products.

The IPSC is a sport shooting organization that offers competitive matches around the country and world. Within the matches, there are different divisions that shooters are classified in based on the type of handgun being used. Everything from stock pistols to highly tricked-out race guns can be seen at IPSC events.

All of Tanfoglio’s Xtreme pistols are delivered ready for your next match without the need for further customization or tuning. Different models are equipped to be run in different divisions, right out of the box. As one might expect, the supply on these pistols is limited, and a wait time may be associated with their purchase. But, much like a top-performing sports car, these Italian pistols are certainly well worth the wait. Let’s take a closer look.

Witness Gold Custom Xtreme

Top of the line is the only way to describe the Witness Gold Custom Xtreme. Designed for Open Division competition, this gun is outfitted with all of the features that can help you get the edge when racing against the clock. From the factory, the pistol is hand-tuned for reliability and accuracy. Additionally, the gun ships with two different recoil springs to match your loads. The flat trigger is adjustable to your preferences.

A scope mount with a blast shield is factory installed and equipped with a C-More sight. Tanfoglio uses a coned, ported barrel with a compensator to reduce muzzle rise. The three included magazines are all fitted with Xtreme aluminum basepads. The grips are also special Xtreme aluminum panels. For a gun that’s ready out of the box to run in the Open Division, you simply can’t beat the Gold Custom Xtreme.

Witness Limited Custom Xtreme

Like the Gold Custom Xtreme, the Limited Custom Xtreme is a race gun that comes ready for action. Designed around the parameters of the Standard Division, this pistol is equipped with a great deal of custom enhancements to help bring home a trophy.

In keeping with IPSC Standard Division rules, this handgun does not have electronic sights. Rather, the front sight is fiber optic while the rear is an adjustable Supersight. Tanfoglio also drilled and tapped the gun for a scope should you wish to move beyond the Standard Division. An extended magazine well is used to channel the three included magazines. The magazines have Xtreme aluminum basepads. Also included with the pistol are recoil springs for different loads. Tanfoglio uses an ambidextrous frame-mounted safety on this gun, and the custom magazine release is reversible to fit the needs of many shooters.

Witness Match Xtreme

As with the other handguns in the line, the Match Xtreme is ready for race duty. It is equipped with a 6-inch barrel, comes in four different calibers and is set up for the addition of an optic.

Caliber flexibility is one thing that sets the Match apart from the others in the Xtreme line. The Match is available in 9mm, .40 S&W, 10mm and .45 ACP. Magazine capacities run from 10 to 17 depending on the caliber. In 10mm, especially with an optic, the Match Xtreme makes for a very credible hunting handgun.

Tanfoglio drilled and tapped this gun for the easy addition of an optic. While the barrel is not ported, the slide is cut to reduce its weight. To help enhance reliability, the Match Xtreme comes with two different recoil springs to match your loads. Included with each gun is a cleaning set, three durable magazines and a replacement steel front sight.

Witness Stock II Xtreme

One of the IPSC Production Division requirements is that competitors shoot a gun that has a double-action first shot. The Stock II Xtreme is designed for Production Division and consequently comes equipped with a DA/SA-style system.

This pistol ships with a two-tone ceramic coating to enhance the durability of the gun. Additional enhancements on the Stock II Xtreme include aluminum grips, a skeletonized hammer, a fiber-optic front sight and Xtreme springs. The gun has an ambidextrous safety and reversible mag release, and it’s available in both 9mm and .40 S&W with 17- and 14-round magazines, respectively.

Witness Stock III Xtreme

Also made for the Production Division, the Witness Stock III Xtreme is a two-tone pistol that is tuned to give you maximum performance. This pistol uses a 4.5-inch, straight barrel with polygonal rifling and a tuned trigger to help keep groups small. Unlike the Stock II, the Stock III has an accessory rail for the addition of a light or laser. The front sight uses a red fiber-optic insert while the rear sight is an adjustable Supersight.

As part of the standard package, the Stock III has an Xtreme guide rod and Xtreme firing pin. Additionally, the springs are all upgraded. The hammer is skeletonized. Like the Stock II, this gun is available in both 9mm and .40 S&W. Three magazines ship with the gun.

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