The IC-A5 is one of the newest models in the IC product line. Customers desired and requested an adjustable gas block and the longer 12-inch, SPR-style rail system on the same rifle. The IC-A5 has a low-profile, two-position gas block that allows the user to compensate for running a suppressor while getting the added benefit of the company’s longer modular rail system.

A spiral-fluted version of the cold-hammer-forged barrel is standard on the 14.7- and 16.1-inch barrel lengths. The spiral-fluted barrel is approximately 15-percent lighter than an unfluted barrel of the same diameter. The increased surface area also speeds cooling.


The IC-SPR is LWRC’s flagship and most popular model. This is a great all-around 5.56mm rifle that utilizes LWRC’s most popular features—a fluted barrel, ambidextrous controls and its SPR modular rail system. The IC-SPR variant utilizes the same cold-hammer-forged, spiral-fluted barrel as the IC Enhanced. The SPR employs a low-profile, fixed gas block for the piston system and a longer 12-inch, user-configurable modular rail system.


The IC-PDW is the smallest and most unique rifle of the IC family. This gun is designed to be an ultra-compact personal defense weapon. The IC-PDW comes standard with an 8.5-inch, NiCorr-treated barrel. With a quick-deploy, two-position stock, its compact size and light weight means it can be carried and deployed in a variety of roles. The PDW comes with the same ambidextrous lower controls as the other IC family members. The IC-PDW is the only LWRC rifle that boasts the unique PDW telescoping stock, helping make it one of the most compact piston rifles on the market.


When LWRC designed the SIX8 family of weapons, the company partnered with Magpul, which designed the first polymer 6.8mm SPC magazine. Building upon the magazine, LWRC designed the SIX8 platform for maximum reliability and improved ergonomics. The upper and lower receivers are designed to accommodate the slightly larger polymer magazine and to perfect the feed geometry for the 6.8mm SPC cartridge. As with the IC family, the weapons in the new SIX8 family are fully ambidextrous and equally suited to right- or left-handed operators. These ergonomic, user-friendly rifles utilize the outstanding mid-range 6.8mm SPC cartridge.


The LWRC Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle (REPR) is designed to put devastating 7.62mm rounds on target in a variety of roles. The REPR rifle allows a marksman to perform assaulter duty with the 16-inch-barreled upper installed, then quickly switch to a sniper role by changing to the 20-inch-barreled upper.

The rifle utilizes LWRC’s self-regulating, short-stroke gas-piston operating system, ensuring unparalleled reliability in the harshest conditions. A side-mounted charging handle allows the shooter to perform reloads without removing their eyes from the target, and it prevents any gas blowback to the face when using a suppressor. The ARM-R rails are easily removable and reinstalled with a hex key.


The new TRICON MK6 is a limited-edition rifle, with 500 units in Sniper Gray and 500 units in Flat Dark Earth. This rifle combines LWRC quality and reliability with professional components as specified by Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts. To borrow a phrase from Gonzales, this rifle is designed to get you through “the worst day of your life.”

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