What was supposed to be a celebration of one soldier’s life turned into tragedy for another military man.

Lt. Col. Frank Ise, 76, took part in last week’s Spencer Duncan Make It Count 5K Memorial Run in Olathe. The special run was held to honor a veteran who was killed in the line of duty.

But during the run, Ise collapsed because of heart troubles, hitting his head on his way down.

His family says the blow to his head is what he could not recover from.

Ise, 76, lived an honorable life. The orthopedic surgeon, at age 53, decided to enlist, serving three years in Operation Desert Storm and continuing his duty in the reserves.

“He always was trying to do the best in whatever he was trying to do,” said Barbara Ise who lost her husband. “I only have so much time, and I have to make the best use of all the time. So he never sat down. He was always on the move.”

Source: Chris Oberholtz and Amy Anderson for KCTV5

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