Small handguns are a staple of the law enforcement armory for plainclothes officers and off-duty personnel, with Glock coming out at the top of the pack.

Backup guns are an integral part of any law enforcement officer’s safety.

Glock has been on top of concealable pistol market since the mid-1990s, when it introduced the line that became known as “baby Glocks.” The stable of subcompacts from the manufacturer only expanded from there.

Many of these models will function with magazines from larger models in the same caliber, which not only enhances firepower but allows one pouch of the larger magazines on the uniform belt to serve both the full-size service pistol and a smaller backup weapon. The calibers available in Glock subcompacts range from .380 to .45 ACP.

Choice is good. The wide range of concealable subcompacts offered by Glock is one reason why most gun shops will tell you that this brand is their dominant seller.

For more information on the firearms mentioned in the gallery above and for other products from Glock, please visit or call 770-432-1202.

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