The Black Dawn Bravo is a 5.56mm carbine with all the accessories an operator could want — it’s combat-ready right out of the box. Shown with an Elcan Specter 1-4x optic, Insight Technology ATPIAL and VBL II weapon light.

The attack on the city of Mumbai, India, was a wake-up call for law enforcement worldwide—but it wasn’t the first. In the U.S., the North Hollywood shootout made it very clear that pistols and shotguns alone would no longer get the job done. A precision-grade rifle that is compact, maneuverable, light in weight and mission-adaptable is essential for American cops in the new century. While the military may be voicing dissatisfaction with the 5.56mm cartridge, it is close to perfect for street cops, as the engagement distance for law enforcement applications will likely be within 100 yards. Take into account the urban/suburban environment many American cops patrol and the 5.56mm seems to be ready for the task.

The AR-15 meets all of the requirements for SWAT and patrol, provided it is equipped for the environment it will be used in. While some may want to equip their carbine one step at a time, other officers might want to purchase a gun that is already equipped to their personal specifications. And Black Dawn can provide that to them.

An ambidextrous safety, enlarged forward assist, dual sling loop and an Ergo Grip are just a few of the features included on the Bravo rifle.

Black Dawn is owned by Tim Padgett, a shooting enthusiast in Sedalia, Missouri. They wanted to create a company that would offer customers a wide range of products and services. “We’re trying to make accessories that work across the board to make them more convenient for our customers, so people can customize rifles,” Padgett says. Obviously, this is something that will appeal to many in the law enforcement community. Black Dawn also offers custom spray-on coatings and personalized logos for their weapons, which might interest agencies who are buying guns for department-wide issuance.

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The Black Dawn Bravo is a 5.56mm carbine with all the accessories an operator…