American Body Armor, part of the BAE Systems Products Group, introduces the newest model in the renowned Xtreme Body Armor series – the Xtreme Force (XTF).

This newly-crafted ballistic system combines exceptional strength with remarkably lightweight materials. Compared to its Xtreme XT predecessor, the new Xtreme Force (XTF) is more flexible, with a proven increase in stopping power. The XTF is fashioned from Twaron™ and the proprietary new-generation Spectra Shield® II from Honeywell to achieve an unprecedented level of protection while still allowing officers to move freely. The new Xtreme Force is a perfect example of the way American Body Armor, a leader in breakthrough ballistic technology, never rests in improving the protection it provides for today’s officers. ABA is recognized for developing stronger, thinner and lighter concealable body armor with exceptional performance. The new XTF is a prime example, now with even better ballistic performance than ever before.

* Up to 20% more stopping power than its predecessor
* Comes standard with the concealable NS carrier
* Level II meets 05 interim NIJ specifications
* Also available in the AJ, Classic, or variety of external carriers
* Available in black, blue, tan, graphite (grey) and white

Density: .77 lbs/sq ft
9mm V50: 1683 fps
.357 V50: 1696 fps
.44 V50: —–
Thinness: .247 in
Materials: Spectra Shield II, Twaron and Microlaminate Twaron

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