The X-Treme Shooting Products Single-Stage Tactical Trigger’s sear and safety are completely encapsulated in an aluminum body to protect vital parts from debris.

The sleepy little town of Winder, Georgia, once known as Jug Tavern, is located about halfway between Atlanta and Athens. It is well off the beaten path—one of those places that you intentionally visit. That is not to say that Winder is not worth visiting. Quite the contrary, for anyone interested in true precision rifles, Winder may very well be the next “big place.”


The PCR-SD is a cutting-edge rifle with the latest components from respected manufacturers including a Pierce Engineering action, Rock Creek barrel, and the new Accuracy International AX chassis.

Winder is the home of Accurate Ordnance, a new custom rifle shop. While the business is new, the people behind the name are both talented and experienced. Mark Kuczka is the business manager and the catalyst for the new shop. Mark ran a successful NFA business for several years and believes in doing everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction. David Walker, the shop foreman, has a law enforcement background as well as extensive experience in machining and custom rifle work. David’s work is well known within the precision rifle community. Jason Nixon is the second half of the gunsmith team. Jason is a master machinist and his creativity is only matched by his obsession with attention to detail and getting the job done right. When combined, they give Accurate Ordnance the capability to rival any shop in the country.

The clean lines and folding stock of the AX chassis make it well suited for tact­ical use. The barrel has been threaded and then relieved to accept the Allen Engineering suppressor.

Accurate Ordnance opened its doors for business in August 2011. However, the reputation of Mark, David, and Jason had backlogged orders that were waiting on the ATF to issue the FFL. One of the critical elements for their immediate success involved the personal and professional relationships that the founders shared with others in the industry. Those relationships enabled AO to immediately obtain premium components from some of the most respected suppliers in the world.

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The X-Treme Shooting Products Single-Stage Tactical Trigger’s sear and safety are completely encapsulated in…