Acraglas is a very strong adhesive and doesn’t expand once it dries—it’s perfect for many projects.

Many shooters I know have mastered simple skills, like mounting scopes properly. And with the “modern sporting rifle” craze witnessed in the past few years, AR-15 shooters proficiently swap parts and customize their weapons to suit their needs and tastes. Ratcheting up your DIY knowledge another notch, shooters shouldn’t be intimidated by simple repairs and modifications made possible by the use of Brownells Acraglas.

Decades ago, Bob Brownell started selling Acraglas in kit form as a rifle stock bedding compound. Wooden stocks are notorious for causing rifle accuracy problems, so countless gunsmiths made a living by rebedding stocks to precisely fit the barreled action. Synthetic rifle stocks, too, often need a good dose of Acraglas to rise to their potential. Several years ago, a close friend had a Remington 700 .30-06 that wouldn’t shoot better than 4-inch groups at 100 yards. He tossed the factory wood stock and acquired a fiberglass stock thinking that would solve the problem. It didn’t. As a last resort, I suggested that we pillar bed and glass in the action to see if that would help. An Acraglas kit was the “glue” that held everything together. The job we did with Acraglas helped cut groups down to 1.5 inches at 100 yards.

Accuracy Potential
The basic materials used in Acraglas are those developed for the aircraft industry. It is a plastic-type material that is similar to the resin that is used in fiberglass production. Brownells adapted the Acraglas chemicals to gun work. Shrinking less than 0.01 percent when hardening is the first unusual Acraglas quality that sets it apart. This is very important for shooters, since the tighter your bedding job, the better the accuracy. Many other plastics will shrink more than 5 percent when hardening, thus canceling their true values as accurizing materials. So perfectly does Acraglas fit a rifle barrel and action that any stamping marks in the steel will also show in the Acraglas.

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Acraglas is a very strong adhesive and doesn’t expand once it dries—it’s perfect for…