Adcor Defense
Adcor Defense

For over 20 years, Adcor Industries has been a national defense contract supplier and is one of the few firearm manufacturers certified quality standard AS9100 in the country—building critical components for the Trident missile system, radar system components for the F-16 Fighter, and other components for the U.S. military small arms industrial base. With its diverse manufacturing capabilities and expertise as a defense industry supplier, Adcor was in an ideal position to design and build its own unique version of the M4 automatic rifle: Adcor Defense, Inc. was formed for that purpose.

The product of years of hands-on experience and experimentation, the Adcor Defense A-556 ELITE is not a “new and improved” rifle. It has a patented (Patent # 8,210,059) revolutionary gas piston system and other key patented features that set it apart from all other M4-type rifles.

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