AdeQ Firearms Company of Tampa, Florida debuted their new line of tactical weapons at the Tactical Gear Magazine Expo in Atlanta during June 2011. Amongst the weapons being debuted is the Lightweight Venator Rifle in .308.

For extra range and power or when the 5.56 cartridge just won’t do – Our new .308 Venator Battle Rifle starts off with billet flat top upper and lower receivers. These are built on the style of the DPMS LR308. A M4 profile carbine length barrel and gas impingement system. Military style forearm and stock along with pistol grip means this high performance battle rifle begins as a no frills, simply functional weapon.


We tame this beast with the use of the “Talon” muzzle break. This gives our Venator greatly reduced recoil as well as muzzle rise that can be typical firing the .308 cartridge. All battle rifles ship with one Magpul twenty-round Pmag.

Venator is a Roman military term meaning “Hunter” or “Skirmisher” which appropriately applies to this firearm. Regardless if the intended purpose for the Venator is for law enforcement use, home defense, or even hunting – it will serve foir it is intedended for.



Like all AdeQ Firearms, we can customize your Venator Battle Rifle with available accessories. All of our rifles are built in our Tampa shop.

Please check out our website on and download our rifle build sheet and fax or e-mail it to us when completed and we’ll get in touch with you to advise of price and estimated lead time.

Suggested retail for a basic Venator Battle Rifle model begins at $1520.00.

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