The Heckler & Koch Universal Self-Loading Pistol (USP) is one of the most popular H&K firearms on the market. Now, the American Gunsmithing Institute has a new Technical Manual & Armorer’s Course: H&K USP Pistols.

Master Gunsmith and instructor, Bob Dunlap, will take the viewer on an educational tour of H & K’s very popular USP pistol. Dunlap utilizes a cutaway firearm and various other models of the USP to demonstrate the design and function of this reliable firearm. After covering the history of Heckler & Koch, the viewer will learn the difference between the standard, tactical and compact models of the USP. This is in an effort to help one decide which model or models might be best suited to his or her needs.

The Armorer’s Course will enable the viewer to disassemble and reassemble the H&K USP pistol and avoid some frustrations and common mistakes that are often made by the novice pistolsmith. Dunlap cautions the viewer about certain areas and jobs in regard to this particular firearm, like the safety features and doing trigger jobs.

Among the items covered are:

Design & Function
Cleaning & Lubrication

This video is a valuable addition to the knowledge base of any person who wants to know more about the H&K USP pistol. It provides detailed explanations and demonstrations and is a must have for any USP owner. The AGI Technical Manual & Armorer’s Course: H&K USP Pistols is available at for only $39.95 (Product ID# 150DVD).

If you want a quick course on this specific pistol, this course is for you. If you want the long course on firearms in general, check out our basic AGI Professional Gunsmith course where, in your own time, at your own pace, you can become a certified gunsmith and start making money at the hobby you love.

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