High stress, high accuracy. Instructors test students with physical obstacles like drainpipes and the “Squirrel Cage” while asking them to make shots out to 100 yards.

A recent trip to South Texas at the invitation of SureFire provided me with a fantastic experience and some great training. Hosted by SureFire, Bushnell, and LaRue Tactical, I was given a chance to learn from the “Carbine Helicopter Assault” course at Rifles Only.

Rifles Only is owned and operated by Jacob Bynum. Jacob has been operating as a trainer and competitor in the precision rifle world for years. He also hosts one of the premier sniper competitions. “Rifles Only” is a bit deceptive, as they offer pistol training and a good deal of carbine training, too. Some of their basic training includes precision rifles, carbines, executive protection and hand-to-hand combat. More advanced training like this Carbine Helicopter Assault course, team tactics, and high-angle precision rifle shooting are available to qualified students. Rifles Only is a full-service facility that provides training for civilians, law enforcement, and the military.

Sights, breathing, trigger control—good marksmanship fundamentals are truly put to the test in a moving helicopter. To kick it up a notch, students shot moving targets while airborne.

The facility is located in southern Texas, just outside Kingsville. There are a number of ranges, including a pistol/carbine range, one featuring moving targets out to 700 yards, a couple of 1,000-yard ranges, and one that extends out to 1,400 yards. They also have a fully functional shoot house and a 350-degree live-fire range. A three-story tower is available for angle shooting, and this worked out well as a platform for our fast-rope training. Their classroom is spacious and equipped with all the technology needed for presentations. A large work area is available, too, as well as a complete armory.

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High stress, high accuracy. Instructors test students with physical obstacles like drainpipes and the…