ASG’s 6mm BB-firing version of AI’s .338 Lapua Magum ASM is a long-range superstar that weighs 11 pounds.

In the wondrous world of Airsoft, you can own a select-fire HK G36 from Umarex with a 430-shot capacity. If you have you the money, you can get yourself a full-auto M249 SAW from Echo-1 with a 2,400-round magazine. Why in the world would you arm yourself with a single-shot, spring piston-driven, bolt-action sniper rifle?

Mainly because airsoft teams are trying to replicate real battlefield tactics, and in the real world of combat, the tactical marksman plays an important role. In support fire, for taking out forward targets, and covering your team during strategic retreats, the sniper is a vital part of today’s real-world battlefield, and airsoft sniper rifles replicate some of the finest long-range tactical arms on the planet.

Unlike the electric-powered, high-volume “spray and pray” assault weapons, airsoft sniper rifles are spring driven. That means there aren’t any batteries to lug around that might short out (not to mention trying to get inside a cramped M4 buttstock to connect them)—just the power of the internal spring and a bag of high-quality BBs are all the airsoft sniper needs. Spring-powered sniper rifles are perfect for airsoft players who take on the Designated Marksman, scout or sniper roles. These rifles are single-shot, bolt-action rifles that get very high velocity and very good accuracy. They always incorporate a longer barrel and very powerful spring. For the price, it is the highest FPS you can achieve.

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ASG’s 6mm BB-firing version of AI’s .338 Lapua Magum ASM is a long-range superstar…