Dakota Meyer, United States Marine Corps veteran and the youngest living recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, has collaborated with renowned gun builder Shay Akai of Akai Custom Guns on a limited edition 1911 chambered in .45 ACP. This handgun features a carbon steel frame with a tactical light rail and integrated magwell, a KART barrel made from 4150 Mil-Spec steel, machined ambidextrous safeties, tactical night sights in a figure eight, a skeletonized trigger, an extra long firing pin, and much more. See below for additional details. MSRP for this limited edition gun is $3,500. A portion of the proceeds go to charities supported by Dakota Meyer.

Click here to read more about Dakota Meyer from the March 2012 edition of TACTICAL WEAPONS!

Features: Dakota Meyer Limited Edition 1911

  • Custom Gun Quality – This is a true custom gun, hand fit, hand blended and assembled one by one.
  • Best of the best parts – The gun has the best of the best parts that we could find, from a National Match KART barrel, to EGW internal parts.
  • Machined Parts – All parts are machined, no castings or Metal Injection Molding parts.
  • Precise Barrel Fit – The barrel fit is done by hand in order to extract maximum accuracy, reliability and soft shooting.
  • Custom Gun Cuts – All the cuts are functional, designed based on our vast experience from the competitive shooting world.
  • Extensive Testing – The guns are test fired on initial assembly and then again after final assembly.

Gun Parts: Dakota Meyer Limited Edition 1911

  • Frame – Tactical Rail frame, integrated magwell. Checkered at 22.5 lines per inch.
  • Slide – Engraved slide with deep serrations. Sight lines are on the flat top portion and tri-topped between the sights.
  • Barrel – KART National Match bullseye barrel with a custom bushing. Made from 4150 milspec steel.
  • Trigger Group – Wire EDM cut trigger group, set right at 3lbs.
  • Safeties – Machined, ambidextrous, and hand blended to the high beaver tail.
  • Sights – Night sights in a figure eight.
  • Finish – IonBond Diamond Like Carbon.
  • Case – SKB case. Lockable and airline approved.
  • Challenge Coin – Every gun will come with a Limited Edition Dakota Meyer Challenge Coin.
  • Magazine – One Wilsons ETM magazine.

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