Alexander Arms’ 6.5 Grendel Tactical Fluted fulfills a multitude of roles: As a DMR, general-purpose patrol rifle and an entry weapon. Shown here with Leupold Mk IV 3.5-10x riflescope.

What comes to mind when someone mentions getting a rifle for specialized law enforcement (or even military) applications? For most, I bet it’s an AR-pattern rifle. The AR is more reliable and rugged than it’s typically credited for, and it rivals the 1911, the other U.S. icon, in terms of available aftermarket parts and accessories, not to mention the number of different makes and models.

ARs can be had in multiple calibers, piston-driven varieties, pistol configurations, flattops, and various barrel lengths. The inherent modularity of the AR’s upper and lower receivers is the rifle’s greatest attribute, which can adapt to individual, military and law enforcement needs. This same adaptability can also lead individuals astray when they confuse what’s wanted versus what’s needed in the rifle. Quad forends festooned with lights, lasers, vertical grips and even night-vision devices are unnecessary in most applications and can even diminish the gun’s effectiveness. Having a lightweight, fast-handling rifle is essential when reacting to a threat, and Alexander Arms has created just the weapon: the 6.5 Grendel Tactical Fluted rifle.

The M4-style collapsible stock allows the operator to adjust it for length of pull, which is extremely useful when wearing a vest, hard or soft armor, or other gear.

Many gun designers and manufacturer are seeking the “perfect” rifle and cartridge combination. In recent years this has caused several of them to jump on the AR and offer their own models. Most of their attention has been on “improving” the AR platform by developing piston-driven ARs in lieu of Stoner’s original gas-impingement design. Whether or not piston-driven ARs are superior to their gas impingement brethren is the subject of many heated discussions. But Alexander Arms decided to up the ante by enhancing the AR’s cartridge, first with the .50 Beowulf and more recently with the 6.5 Grendel.

The standard AR pistol grip on the 6.5 Grendel Tactical Fluted offers operators a certain familiarity when it comes to a weapon’s feel.

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