Modular 7.62mm sniper system bred for consistent sub-MOA precision

Accurate-Mag recently developed a modular bolt-action 7.62mm as part of a U.S. Marine Corps stock solicitation. Known as the AM40A6, this rock-solid rifle is sure to turn heads. In the upcoming April 2014 issue of SPECIAL WEAPONS FOR MILITARY & POLICE, author Richard Mann runs one through its paces.

Mann writes, “Accurate-Mag’s new chassis is essentially a three-piece modular unit. There is the center chassis, which is what the barreled action is attached to, and there is the handguard and the buttstock. With the exception of cartridge interchangeability, the AM40A6 rifle has all the potential modularity of the AR platform. With additional handguards and buttstocks from Accurate-Mag, added versatility will follow.

“The center chassis section of the stock, if you want to call it that, on the AM40A6 is forged and machined aluminum, and houses the trigger group and magazine well while also providing a solid—no movement allowed—foundation for the barreled action to rest in. The triggerguard is integral to the chassis, and the magazine release is a large paddle positioned just forward of the trigger guard.”

To learn more about the rifle and see how it fared on the range, check out the April 2014 issue of SPECIAL WEAPONS FOR MILITARY & POLICE, available on newsstands and digitally February 18, 2014. To subscribe, go to

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