AmeriBag, creator of The Healthy Back Bag, introduces their Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Handbag Collection, available this Fall. The announcement was made today by Irwin Gaffin, President and CEO of AmeriBag.

Designed to provide function, fashion, and security, the entire collection has been created for women who want the convenience of a CCW handbag without sacrificing their own personal style in a personal security and fashionable way. The collection includes leather purses, totes, hobos, and messenger bags.


Key features found in each CCW handbag include:

o Safety – Each purse features a special compartment for the handgun, with a top-quality, locking zipper.

o Functionality – Each CCW pocket is designed to guide the user’s hand directly to the firearm grip.

o Versatility – Each purse includes a separate holster designed to fit securely within the CCW pocket and removes easily allowing the locking pocket to
be used for other valuables.

o Adaptability – The CCW pocket and holster have been designed to fit the most popular sizes and calibers of most handguns.

o Concealment – All styles are specifically designed to disguise the handgun. The separate holster and construction of the pocket assure that no silhouette of the handgun will be visible.

o Tri-entry system – a unique asset which provides 3 options to access the CCW compartment in the bags without sacrificing security.

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From Left to Right: Danielle Hobo with CCW Holster, Pamela Purse with CCW Holster, Beth Small Messenger with CCW Holster, and Samantha Tote with CCW Holster

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