You’ll laugh, cry, get mad, and be sad. The one thing you won’t be is bored. That describes what you’ll feel while reading American Blue. And it describes what a cop lives every day on the beat.

Imagine witnessing the suicide of a distraught young woman, or your partner shot in the head, or holding the hand and trying to comfort a motorist dying on the side of the road. How would you handle a woman covered from head to toe with fleas, the eleven year- old rape victim, or the bloody aftermath of a multiple murder? Cops also see the humorous and sometime soul-touching aspects of life: the downright goofy things people do, and things that will bring a smile or a tear of joy. Sometimes they’re in a position to heal and comfort, and even save a life. Add to that mix, stupid criminals, and you have a very interesting day on the beat.

These fifty true stories will take you inside the lives, minds, and souls of those who have chosen to serve and protect the rest of us. When you read them, ask yourself one question, “Could I do this job, day in and day out, for twenty or thirty years?” You’ll soon discover why some consider the choice to be a cop, a calling. There are much easier – and safer – ways to make a living and earn a pension.

As much as anything, these stories are about us. Written by the people whom we have asked to serve and protect us.

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You’ll laugh, cry, get mad, and be sad. The one thing you won’t be…