American Tactical has quickly established itself as a reputable and recognized importer of many high quality products from around the world. Now, American Tactical has introduced its own line of fine firearms for 2015: the Omni Hybrid Maxx Series.

The Omni Hybrid Maxx Series features a patent-pending metal-reinforced polymer upper receiver along with a fully-patented metal reinforced polymer lower receiver.

Adding on the popular Omni Hybrid lower, comes the Omni Hybrid Upper Receiver. This upper receiver is a metal-reinforced polymer upper receiver that accepts all Mil-Spec parts.

Weighing in at only 7 ounces, the Omni Hybrid Upper Receiver is super-lightweight, but has the durability of an aluminum forged receiver. With the addition of a metal insert to reinforce the critical load-baring area of the upper, the Omni Hybrid Upper receiver is multi-caliber and can be used as a 5.56mm, 300 AAC, 22LR, 6.8 SPC and many other calibers.

Consumers can purchase the Omni Hybrid Maxx series in several various configurations. Uppers and lowers can be sold separately, as well as packaged.

American Tactical also offers the Omni Hybrid Maxx Series complete rifle line in 5.56m, 300BLK and 22LR/5.56 Combination Kits. In addition, both the 5.56mm and the 300BLK are manufactured as pistol models.

A complete Omni Hybrid Maxx Series 5.56mm rifle basic model has an MSRP of $569.95.

For more information on the Omni Hybrid Maxx Series and other American Tactical Products, please visit

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