Anderson Manufacturing, a machine shop that rescued its operations by entering the business of designing and manufacturing AR-15 style rifles, now offers five different models of rifles for hunting, target shooting, and military/police applications.

Designated with the “AM” (Anderson Manufacturing) moniker to set them apart from traditional “AR” (Armalite Rifle) models, Anderson Manufacturing rifles offer design and build quality that exceeds that of other firearms manufacturers around the world along with RF-85, a proprietary metal treatment.


Anderson Manufacturing employs a proprietary metal treatment for all its rifles that reduces friction on all the steel surfaces by 85%, resulting in a more efficient and reliable weapon. Known as RF-85 (reduce friction 85%), the treatment offers significant benefits such as faster cycle rates and cooler operating temperatures. This results in significantly less wear on the weapon, thereby increasing its life. In addition, an RF-85 treated weapon does not need any lubricants. As such, the weapon experiences fewer failures due to excess dirt and carbon fouling in the action, thereby increasing its reliability.


RF-85 treated Anderson Manufacturing rifles include a Heavy-Barrel Carbine [.223/5.56mm], an M4 Carbine [in both .223/5.56mm and 6.8 SPC], a Heavy Barrel Sniper [.223/5.56mm], and a Heavy Barrel Varminter [.223/5.56mm]. The company also offers a full line of parts and accessories, including free float forearm kits with low profile gas blocks, full-length Picatinny rails, and 3-3/4” elevated rails.


Anderson Manufacturing is a Hebron, Kentucky-based state-of-the-art manufacturing facility founded in 1965. With clients in the aerospace and automotive industries, Anderson Manufacturing now manufactures its own line of AR-15’s with the “AM” moniker. Offered in forged or machined billet, Anderon manufactures all receivers to 100% mil-spec with hard-anodized 8625 F finish, 7075-T6 aluminum. All tolerances are held to strictest “match grade” levels.

For more information, please contact Tom Steffner, Vice President – Sales, (859) 689-4085, [email protected]

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