For the AK-series, Archangel OPFOR® offers separate component packages to enable the AK owner to modify the furniture of their AK to the degree they wish.

Starting at the front of the gun is a new upper and lower hand-guard package (AA121) with enhanced ventilation, an internal heat-shield, and aggressive ergonomic contouring of the surface for positive control of the weapon. Two upper hand-guards are included, one with a built-in Picatinny rail, and one without.

Next is a new pistol-grip (AA122) with a modern ergonomic shape designed to enhance control and reduce fatigue. It includes a latching, internal storage compartment plus front-strap and back-strap grooving.


Third is the new four-position collapsible stock (AA123) allowing adjustment from a Warsaw length to a NATO length buttstock. A push-button adjustable cheek-riser, built in sling-points for conventional sling looping or utilizing push-button QD swivels, plus a comfortable slip-on butt-pad, bring this 20th-Century warhorse into the new Millennium.

For those SKS owners who have craved a more modern stock for this great rifle, Archangel announces the OPFOR® AASKS Stock System. Utilizing the same aggressive contouring and enhanced ventilation of the fore-end found in the AA121 for the AK, it also provides a pistol-grip with a modern ergonomic shape to enhance weapon control and reduce fatigue – it contains a latching, internal storage compartment plus grooving of the front and rear straps. Completing the transformation is a four-position, collapsible butt-stock with click-adjustable cheek-riser, loop and push-button QD sling points, and a slip-on butt pad.


Archangel now offers a development of the Precision Stock currently available for the M14/M1A® for the classic Mosin-Nagan M1891 – The OPFOR® AA9130 Precision Stock.

Offering a drop-in fit for most available variants, this modern streamlined lightweight stock features click-adjustable length of pull with rubber butt-pad, click-adjustable cheek-riser, a modern ergonomic goose-neck style grip with comfortable palm swell, and push-button QD sling points. The fore-end allows free-floating of most barrel contours and includes a barrel tensioner. The stock is inletted to accept a Timney Trigger without any modification required. A blanking piece is supplied to fill the inlet for the Timney Trigger if the stock trigger is retained. For those riflemen who have always craved more magazine capacity for their Mosin, the AA9130 stock is designed for the use of Archangel’s new detachable polymer magazines developed for this rifle – standard is a 5-rd magazine, a 10-rd magazine is available separately.

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For the AK-series, Archangel OPFOR® offers separate component packages to enable the AK owner…