ARES Defense, a company which specializes in manufacturing quality firearms and firearm accessories, is introducing their latest generation ARES-16 Sub-Carbine, brand new for 2014. The ARES-16 Sub-Carbine features an adjustable gas-piston operating system, a quick-change barrel, an ambidextrous M4 charging handle, and a left-side folding buttstock mechanism with an M4 stock which is adjustable for length of pull. This upper assembly is compatible with ARES-16 select-fire lower receivers which have standard fire controls and sears.

The ARES-16 Sub-Carbine differs from earlier generation Sub-Carbines which charged on the left (AMG, MCR and legacy Shrike 5.56 systems) and had a wire-frame non-adjustable buttstock which folded to the right. ARES Defense listened to their military customers, and produced a Sub-Carbine with an ambidextrous M4 type charging handle, which enabled the company to manufacture their own left-side folding mechanism which improves upon the commercial system they had previously purchased.

Chambered in 5.56mm NATO, the ARES-16 Sub-Carbine, as with all ARES-16 weapons, is compatible with a number of different Ball, Tracer, and Special Purpose ammunition from NATO-Standard 30-round M16 magazines, as well as NATO-Standard M27 linked ammunition packaged for the US M249 SAW.

ARES Defense manufactures weapons for the military, law enforcement and sporting markets. They are based in Melbourne, Florida. All of their products are made in the United States. For more information about the ARES-16 Sub-Carbine and other products offered by ARES Defense, please visit

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