Laser Sight Pro of Cyber Marketing is pleased to announce a new laser sight for the Ruger LCP Pistol: Arma Laser’s Small Block LCP. For a limited time, get a FREE Holster with the purchase of the Small Block Laser Sight.

Arma Laser is known for providing quality pistol laser sights at affordable prices. This new Small Block Laser Sight System is small and featherweight, weighing only 1.2 ounces with batteries installed on your pistol, yet it is still TOUGH, RELIABLE, ACCURATE, & IMMEDIATE. SMALL BLOCK attaches directly INTO the Ruger LCP Pistol frame. You can bang on it with a hammer, you’re not going to get it to move! Back-pocket carry isn’t even an issue. Offers 100% no up/down movement.It uses the side of the grip to offer 100% no left/right movement.


The ArmaLaser actuation is effortless, comfortable, and done without you needing to THINK ABOUT IT. The ring finger is so important for control especially in smaller pistols where you can’t get more than 2 fingers on the grip. The Small Block LCP Laser Sight takes laser actuation to the trigger finger where it belongs and OFF OF THE GRIP.


-True Touch Activation
-Master Kill Switch
-Easy & Quick Install
-Anchors directly into frame for absolute rock-solid do-it-yourself attachment in 5 mins
-5 Year Warranty
-100% solid no-movement attachment
-Hosts 4 batteries to double the time needed between battery changes

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Laser Sight Pro of Cyber Marketing is pleased to announce a new laser sight…