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In February, ArmaLite introduced a limited run of AR10(T) Carbines for varmint hunters whose favorite game was wild boars. It was a response to customer calls and e-mails that if ArmaLite built it, they’d buy it. And buy they did. All the 10T’s were gone in just over a week.

Now, to answer new customer demand, ArmaLite’s doing it again. This time it’s a special run of an M15 they’ve dubbed the Case Ready Carbine. Case Ready, because this gun is ready to run right out of the case.


Open the case and you find a carbine that meets military and law enforcement demands around the world. ArmaLite has combined the sighting options from the A2 and A4 carbine for flexibility and toughness. The rear sight is an MI flip-up emergency rear sight built for rugged use. That makes the gun “optics ready” as soon as you pick it up. The sight’s A2 style duel aperture is fully protected from accidental damage. Its lock detent button’s stepped down turns provide a surface you can grab onto if your hands are muddy or wet.

The Case Ready Carbine is tough on the outside, but what’s INSIDE this workhorse that counts even more. Its aircraft-grade forgings have NO die-cast or extruded parts in the receivers. The interior surfaces of the upper receivers are hard coat anodized per military spec. In fact, ALL its aluminum parts are hard coat anodized per military spec. The 16” barrel is chrome lined, chrome moly vanadium steel. The patented bolt assembly is stronger than those found in similar firearms. Its ArmaLite mid-length gas system technology assures perfectly tuned gas flow for maximum reliability in the field.

All this value comes standard. There’s no extra charge for what many firearms makers consider options or add-ons. Take the MI emergency rear sight. It’s included in the price of the gun.

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Click for larger picture. In February, ArmaLite introduced a limited run of AR10(T) Carbines…